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CMS Bel­gi­um ad­vi­sed the sha­re­hol­ders of foot­ball club Waas­land Be­ve­ren...
CMS Bel­gi­um, to­gether with The Ca­pi­tal Link, ha­ve suc­ces­sful­ly ad­vi­sed the sha­re­hol­ders of foot­ball club Waas­land Be­ve­ren on the sa­le to Bolt Foot­ball Hol­dings.
21 september 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to Dis­mis­sals
The aim of this gui­de is to ex­plain exis­ting sys­tems of com­pen­sa­ti­on for fair and un­fair dis­mis­sal in va­rious ju­ris­dic­ti­ons in EU, LA­TAM and Asia
14 september 2020
CMS Dis­pu­tes Talk
In the­se un­cer­tain ti­mes, glo­bal bu­si­nes­ses in al­most eve­ry sec­tor are fa­cing chal­len­ges brought about by an un­pre­ce­den­ted ope­ra­ti­o­nal cli­ma­te. Ac­ti­ons and de­ci­si­ons ta­ken du­ring and im­me­di­a­te­ly af­ter the
18 september 2020
How will in­va­li­di­ty of the Pri­va­cy Shield and new ru­les for Standard Con­trac­tu­al...
In a re­cent ru­ling, the EU Court of Jus­ti­ce struck down the EU-US Pri­va­cy Shield and, though it ru­led that standard con­trac­tu­al clau­ses remain va­lid for trans­fers of per­so­nal da­ta out­si­de the EEA, in­ter­pre­ted...
CMS as­sisted Ce­lyad On­co­lo­gy in the struc­tu­ring and im­ple­men­ta­ti­on of its...
CMS as­sisted Ce­lyad On­co­lo­gy in the struc­tu­ring and im­ple­men­ta­ti­on of its $ 25 mil­li­on At The Mar­ket of­fe­ring (ATM).
08 september 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to Hy­dro­gen
02 oktober 2020
EU Com­pe­ti­ti­on Law Brie­fings
The EU Com­pe­ti­ti­on Law Brie­fings ha­ve been cre­a­ted to pro­vi­de a plat­form for our clients and other com­pe­ti­ti­on law ex­perts to stay up to da­te on the de­vel­op­ments of EU Com­pe­ti­ti­on Law. 
18 september 2020
Bel­gi­um ex­tends CO­VID-19 so­ci­al se­cu­ri­ty me­a­su­res re­gar­ding te­le­work by...
As a re­sult of the CO­VID-19 pan­de­mic, ma­ny wor­kers in Bel­gi­um, li­ke other coun­tries in the world, we­re for­ced to stay at ho­me and te­le­work as ear­ly as March 2020. For wor­kers em­ploy­ed in a coun­try other...
CMS Bel­gi­um as­sists Ko­rys with a EUR 4 mil­li­on fun­ding of Am­pa­ci­mon
A team of CMS Bel­gi­um as­sisted Ko­rys, the in­vest­ment ve­hi­cle of the Col­ruyt fa­mi­ly,  with the new fi­nan­cing round of the Li­è­ge-ba­sed start-up Am­pa­ci­mon, spe­ci­a­li­zed in smart grids.
01 september 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to re­struc­tu­ring and in­sol­ven­cy law
Are you loo­king for in­for­ma­ti­on on re­struc­tu­ring and in­sol­ven­cy law? This CMS Ex­pert Gui­de pro­vi­des you with eve­ry­thing you need to know.
17 september 2020
EU Com­mis­si­on laun­ches in­quiry in­to IoT sec­tor, dawn raids ex­pec­ted
On 16 Ju­ly 2020, the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­si­on laun­ched an an­ti­trust in­quiry in­to the In­ter­net of Things (IoT) sec­tor, loo­king at con­su­mer-orien­ted pro­ducts and ser­vi­ces with a spe­ci­al fo­cus on wea­ra­ble de­vi­ces...
24 augustus 2020
"Be­yond Law & In­no­va­ti­on" We­bi­nar Se­ries
Up­co­ming ses­si­ons and we­bi­nar re­cor­dings