Cristina Popescu

Cristina Popescu

Senior Associate
Head of CEE Insurance Practice Group

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP S.C.P.
11-15, Tipografilor Street
B3-B4, 4th Floor
District 1
013714 Bucharest
Languages Romanian, English

Cristina is a Senior Associate in the Bucharest office, specialising on regulatory and commercial matters relevant to the Insurance, Public Procurement, Competition and Infrastructure sectors.

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  • 2004 – B.A., Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Bucharest
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October 2018
E-pub­lic pro­cure­ment
E-pub­lic pro­cure­ment in a nut­shell
Ro­mania: Draft law in­tro­duces fines up to five per­cent of turnover...
In an art­icle earli­er this year, we high­lighted the Pres­id­ent of the Ro­mani­an Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion Au­thor­ity’s dis­sat­is­fac­tion with the cur­rent pen­alty re­gime for con­sumer pro­tec­tion vi­ol­a­tions and call for stricter sanc­tions.
25 June 2018
CEE Green­field Guide
Third edi­tion
Ro­mania: In­sur­ance dis­tri­bu­tion on the basis of free­dom of ser­vices...
The Ro­mani­an Fin­an­cial Su­per­vis­ory Au­thor­ity (“FSA”) re­cently is­sued Norm 19/2018 (“Norm 19”) which fur­ther reg­u­lates in­sur­ance dis­tri­bu­tion in Ro­mania, after the en­act­ment of Law no. 236/2018 (which im­ple­men­ted the In­sur­ance Dis­tri­bu­tion Dir­ect­ive earli­er.
Green­field In­vest­ments in CEE 2018
Ro­mania: Le­gis­la­tion en­acted to re­strict the use of day-la­bour
In a re­cent amend­ment to Law no. 52/2011 on the per­form­ance of oc­ca­sion­al activ­it­ies by day-work­ers (“Law 52/2011”), the Ro­mani­an Gov­ern­ment severely re­stric­ted the use of day-la­bour and im­posed ad­di­tion­al ob­lig­a­tions on both day-work­ers and be­ne­fi­ciar­ies (i.
7 December 2017
CEE Mer­ger Clear­ance Mat­rix 2017-18
Ro­mania: New taxes for gambling op­er­at­ors from 1 Janu­ary 2019
On 29 Decem­ber 2018, the Gov­ern­ment Emer­gency Or­din­ance 114/2018 ("GEO 114/2018”) ad­opt­ing sev­er­al tax meas­ures for vari­ous in­dus­tries was pub­lished in the Of­fi­cial Gaz­ette. The GEO 114/2018 in­tro­duces a new tax on on­line gambling op­er­at­ors, start­ing on 1 Janu­ary.
14 December 2016
CEE Con­sumer Products Up­date
Ro­mani­an Sen­ate ta­citly ad­opts draft law im­pos­ing ex­cise du­ties on...
A le­gis­lat­ive pro­pos­al reg­u­lat­ing the in­clu­sion of soft drinks with high sug­ar con­tent in the cat­egory of ex­cis­able products has re­cently been ta­citly ad­op­ted by the Ro­mani­an Sen­ate. The draft was ta­citly ad­op­ted, without sen­ate de­bate, due to the lapse of.
RDPA is­sues wide reach­ing de­cision on in­vest­ig­a­tion pro­ced­ures
The Ro­mani­an Na­tion­al Au­thor­ity for the Su­per­vi­sion of Per­son­al Data Pro­cessing (the “RDPA”) re­cently is­sued De­cision no. 161/2018 reg­u­lat­ing per­son­al data in­vest­ig­a­tion pro­ced­ures (the “In­vest­ig­a­tions Reg­u­la­tion”).
Ro­mani­an Data Pro­tec­tion Au­thor­ity is­sues draft reg­u­la­tion on man­dat­ory...
The Ro­mani­an Na­tion­al Au­thor­ity for the Su­per­vi­sion of Per­son­al Data Pro­cessing (the “RDPA”) has re­cently is­sued a draft pro­pos­al (the “Draft Reg­u­la­tion”) for sec­ond­ary le­gis­la­tion reg­u­lat­ing which cases of per­son­al data pro­cessing will re­quire man­dat­ory pri­vacy.