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Renewables Lawyers

The acceleration of renewable energy development in Europe, has awakened the concerns about energy independence and national security. In Italy, CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni provides insights into the key legal developments that are shaping the renewable energy market. We provide assistance to: developers and venture capital institutions, consultants and engineers, and more generally to those who are involved in the development, administration and management of renewable energy plants.

Our team is involved in all the legal aspects of renewable energy. Our experience includes advising clients regulatory issues relevant to development of renewable projects in Italy, assistance in relation to acquisition of existing projects (including project due diligence alongside with technical consultants and experts of the clients) and advice on tax and corporate structuring for the development of renewable energy plants.

CMS AACS assists in examining and identifying the issues arising from the local legislation in the renewable sector, in assisting the development of renewable energy plants and accessing subsidized tariffs or other incentives for development of renewable projects.

CMS AACSs’ experience also includes the advice on public procurement procedures and regulatory issues relevant to the development of energy projects and EPC contracts, assistance in relation to acquisition of existing projects, including project due diligence, advice on tax and corporate structuring for the development of energy plants, framework agreements, hydrocarbon concessions, environmental compensation and transportation agreements.

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