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Private Equity

We understand that the success of an operation in private equity is based on adequately reconciling the interests and expectations of all those involved.

We have participated in private equity operations in various industries, representing both companies that have received investments of this kind, as well as large investors.

We get involved with you in each transaction, to understand the business culture of the players involved, to successfully reconcile the vision and expectations of the controller, the investor and the receiver.

We have designed and implemented structures aimed at maximising the synergies that arise in these types of operations, considering non-monetary contributions, investor participation in the company’s development, and the exit mechanisms placed to maximise investment, all the foregoing fostering adequate rapport among all the parties involved.

With anti-trust, tax, employment, banking, commercial and dispute expertise, we can also assist in the protection and growth of your funds and investments.

"It is a good firm with excellent lawyers who lend tremendous support - they are always there for us. They have good knowledge of the local market and we are very happy with them"

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