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We understand that the dynamics of your company is based on people and their performance. The legal services capable of adding value in the areas of professional training and employment relationships, as well as their termination and collective bargaining, are those that impact the professional performance of the people who make up the companies, and in turn, impact the business and its results.

We provide comprehensive advisory services in labour and social security issues, particularly in the areas of drafting and reviewing employment agreements, collective bargaining, immigration, visas, social security, structuring compensation and incentive packages. When conflicts arise, we are fully capable of representing you in areas such as mediation, negotiation and litigation.

Our team constantly monitors regulatory developments, and the criteria applied by both administrative authorities and courts, in order to deliver timely solutions.

Due to the economic impact as a result of the social unrest in Chile at the end of 2019, and the current contingency of COVID-19, our Employment & Pensions experts have been advising our clients, operating in various sectors such as fintech, banking, transportation and services; in matters of reorganisation, dismissals, as well as in the application of Law No. 21.227 on "Employment Protection" and possible conflicts that may arise with unions due to the measures that companies have had to take regarding their personnel.

"They are a strategic ally in our labour management and we can count on them; despite being external, we consider them part of our team for their human and technical qualities, and dedication – far above other firms"

The Legal 500 - 2021

"While other firms sometimes prepare very technical explanations, at CMS they make it simpler, thus facilitating management and decision making"

The Legal 500 - 2022

"Attentive to requirements, responds promptly, and above all has good knowledge of legal issues. In addition, the firm internalises our company’s policies, which helps in solving problems"

The Legal 500 - 2022

"CMS Carey & Allende’s reputable labour practice covers all manner of concerns. It handles day-to-day issues as well as more contentious matters, such as employee dismissals and collective bargaining disputes. Companies shutting down their operations come here for help making a smooth exit, while clients faced with union disputes know they are in good care"

Latin Lawyer 250

"The lawyers are especially effective and offer a multidisciplinary service to the client, handling delicate and complex issues with confidence. They are dedicated and have experience in each specific area we need - we've never lost a case with them"

Chambers Latin America

"CMS Carey & Allende's team is incredibly professional and business focused, with high levels of labour law specialization"

The Legal 500 - 2019
On your radar | Is­sue 17
Key em­ploy­ment is­sues to be aware of in­ter­na­tion­ally
CMS Guides to Dis­missals
CMS Em­ploy­ment Prac­tice Area Group is pleased to share with you the 2019 edi­tion of the Guides to Dis­missal­sThe CMS Guides to Dis­missals are in­ten­ded to help em­ploy­ers an­ti­cip­ate the pos­sible courses...
CMS Guide to Pen­sions
CMS Em­ploy­ment Prac­tice Area Group is pleased to present the fourth edi­tion of the Guide to Pen­sions. Our aim has been to provide an over­view of the key leg­al re­quire­ments re­lat­ing to pen­sion pro­vi­sion...


CMS Next
What’s next? In a world of ever-ac­cel­er­at­ing change, stay­ing ahead of the curve and know­ing what’s next for your busi­ness or sec­tor is es­sen­tial.At CMS, we see ourselves not only as your leg­al ad­visers but also as your busi­ness part­ners. We work to­geth­er with you to not only re­solve cur­rent is­sues but to an­ti­cip­ate fu­ture chal­lenges and in­nov­ate to meet them.With our latest pub­lic­a­tion, CMS Next, our ex­perts will reg­u­larly of­fer you in­sights in­to and fresh per­spect­ives on a range of is­sues that busi­nesses have to deal with – from ESG agen­das to re­struc­tur­ing after the pan­dem­ic or fa­cing the di­git­al trans­form­a­tion. We will also share with you more about the work that we are do­ing for our cli­ents, help­ing them in­nov­ate, grow and mit­ig­ate risk.To be able to provide you with the best sup­port, we im­merse ourselves in your world to un­der­stand your leg­al needs and chal­lenges. However, it is equally im­port­ant that you know who we are and how we can work with you. So, we in­vite you to meet our ex­perts and catch a glimpse of what is hap­pen­ing in­side CMS.En­joy read­ing this pub­lic­a­tion, which we will up­date reg­u­larly with new con­tent.CMS Ex­ec­ut­ive Team
Whis­tleblower pro­tec­tion and re­port­ing chan­nels in Chile
1. Is there a law on whis­tleblow­ing in your coun­try? There is no spe­cif­ic law on whis­tleblow­ing. However, there are some reg­u­la­tions that es­tab­lish pro­to­cols for fil­ing com­plaints re­gard­ing un­law­ful...
It has already been 5 years since we joined CMS
“Our eval­u­ation of CMS Carey & Al­lende is de­cidedly pos­it­iv” - Jorge Al­lende Za­ñartu, CMS Chile part­ner and CMS Lat­in Amer­ica Steer­ing Com­mit­tee chair­man. On the fifth an­niversary of the in­teg­ra­tion...
COV­ID-19 vac­cin­a­tion and test­ing in Chile - em­ploy­ment law per­spect­ive
Vac­cin­a­tion 1. What op­tions does the em­ploy­er have to en­cour­age em­ploy­ees to be vac­cin­ated? Can the em­ploy­er provide a fin­an­cial in­cent­ive to em­ploy­ees?  Em­ploy­ers can raise aware­ness and in­form their...
Gender pay: What’s needed to make equal­ity a real­ity?
A CMS We­bin­ar on Tues­day 21 Septem­ber will ex­plore what so­ci­ety and busi­nesses need to do to close the on­go­ing dis­par­ity in men and wo­men’s pay. Did you know that 18 Septem­ber 2021 is UN Equal Pay Day...
How can busi­nesses pro­tect their trade secrets in a hy­brid work­ing world?
As the num­ber of people vac­cin­ated against COV­ID-19 stead­ily in­creases, many em­ploy­ers are start­ing to turn their minds to a re­turn to the work­place. However, it’s un­likely that we will be re­turn­ing...
Some leaks can­'t be fixed
“Con­fid­en­tial in­form­a­tion is like an ice cube... give it to the party who has no re­fri­ger­at­or or will not agree to keep it in one, and by the time of the tri­al you have just a pool of wa­ter.” This...
Sexu­al har­ass­ment in the work­place in Chile
1. Please de­scribe wheth­er there is any leg­al reg­u­la­tion (laws or col­lect­ive bar­gain­ing agree­ments) or oth­er meas­ures in this jur­is­dic­tion which pro­hib­it sexu­al har­ass­ment in the work­place, and since...
Man­aging the chal­lenges of the post COV­ID work­place
Few can deny the im­pact that the COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic has had and is hav­ing on the way people work since the glob­al es­cal­a­tion of the COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic in March 2020. "We have seen massive changes take place...
Gov­ern­ment sup­port for busi­ness and work­ers in Chile
1. What gov­ern­ment schemes(s) are avail­able in your coun­try to help em­ploy­ers and work­ers in the cur­rent COV­ID-19 crisis and for how long? Law No. 21.227, pub­lished on 6 April 2020, reg­u­lates the dif­fer­ent...
Leg­al as­pects of the Cov­id-19 crisis in Chile
The situ­ation with COV­ID-19, the dis­ease caused by the coronavir­us, is still de­vel­op­ing, but there are some key is­sues that em­ploy­ers should be aware of. Be­low you will find our guidelines for Chile with...
Coronavir­us – Pro­tect­ing against sup­ply chain dis­rup­tion when ship­ping...
De­vel­op­ing a sup­ply chain re­sponse to the coronavir­us out­break in­volves be­ing ready be­fore such a crisis hits. Al­though the long-term con­sequences are yet to play out, the coronavir­us out­break already...