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Private equity

Legal and tax support in relation to your investment projects in Morocco. 

A favourable but complex legal and tax climate 

Energy, agribusiness, biotechnology, hotels and leisure, insurance, new information and communication technologies –are sectors that are growing rapidly in Morocco, offering numerous opportunities for value creation. The size and dynamism of the internal market, as well as the country’s increasing openness to Africa, create an attractive environment for domestic and foreign investment funds. As an operator in Moroccan private equity, you benefit from a favourable legal and tax climate (tax transparency of investment vehicles, exemption from registration fees on share transfers). It can nevertheless quickly become complex, given the abundant Moroccan and international regulations in force. Whatever your structure or the nature of your investment project – seed capital, venture capital or development capital, capital transmission or buyout or capital reversal – our legal and tax advisors assist you every step of the way. 

Comprehensive strategic support 

Known for their technical excellence, our legal advisors specialising in corporate law are able to support you throughout the lifecycle of your fund and cover all issues relating to your investment projects: 

  • Structuring of the fund and the management company (from a regulatory and tax perspective), 
  • Audit (legal due diligence pre- or post-acquisition),  
  • Tax structuring with financial and fiscal modelling, 
  • Negotiation and drafting of contractual documents for an acquisition or sale (particularly share transfer agreements, shareholders’ agreements and liability guarantees),  
  • Merger control, 
  • Structuring and issuing of complex securities,  
  • Negotiation, renegotiation or restructuring of management packages, 
  • Support for your management team (structuring of carried interests and co-investments), 
  • Build-up (in Morocco and abroad), 
  • Post-transaction litigation. 

Our complete understanding of the legal and regulatory environment and our in-depth knowledge of the various sectors of the Moroccan economy ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the work we carry out for you / by your side. 

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