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Private Equity


We provide legal assistance to all types of clients who participate in the sector (including funds, banks and investors) in all business stages, from the creation of funds up to the entry, management and exit of investments. Thus, it is indispensable to work with multidisciplinary teams and to provide legal assistance with a rather important strategic component.

We bring added value to our clients’ transactions and we have a large experience in:

  • Incorporation of Funds
  • Processes of Fund Raising
  • Processes of Companies’ Acquisition, Sale and Restructuring
  • Acquisitions Finance
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Day-to-day assistance in the management of investment portfolios

Our lawyers work with the aim to help the client with the implementation of growth strategies to maximize and develop their investments. We endeavour our best efforts for our clients to receive, whenever necessary, solutions to their real problems.


Band 3: "The team's responsiveness is extraordinary; even during peak time its responses are always quick."
Chambers & Partners 2015
Band 3: "A flexible and adaptable team that is always on top of developments. Whatever I need, they provide."
Chambers & Partners 2015
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15 May 2018
An­gola - Blocks 20/11 and 21/09 sale
Son­an­gol, as hold­er of par­ti­cip­at­ing in­terests in Blocks 20/11 and 21/09,  in­formed through a press re­lease its in­ten­tion to trans­fer part of those in­terests.The pro­pos­als for the pur­chase of the par­ti­cip­a­tion...
Leg­al re­gime of con­ver­sion of cred­its in­to equity (upon cred­it­or­s' ini­ti­at­ive)
On March 3rd it was en­acted Law no. 7/2018, of March 2nd (L 7/2018), which es­tab­lished the leg­al re­gime for the con­ver­sion in­to equity of cred­its held against a com­mer­cial com­pany or un­der a com­mer­cial...
An­gola: Cre­ation of the multi­sect­ori­al com­mis­sion for the reg­u­lat­ory frame­work...
An­golaPres­id­en­tial Or­der No. 3/18 of Janu­ary 12nd has re­cently been pub­lished, which es­tab­lishes a Multi­sect­or­al Com­mis­sion with the ob­ject­ive of mak­ing a dia­gnos­is of the in­sti­tu­tion­al and reg­u­lat­ory...
22 January 2018
In­nov­ate or your deal could die
Any com­pany or law­yer that has ever been in­volved in any kind of mer­ger or ac­quis­i­tion trans­ac­tion will know one thing for sure – a deal typ­ic­ally in­volve hours of leg­al work, in­clud­ing of­ten mundane...
End of the bear­er se­cur­it­ies
Fol­low­ing the pro­hib­i­tion of the is­su­ance of bear­er se­cur­it­ies, in force as from the 4th of May 2017, the trans­ition­al re­gime that es­tab­lishes the con­ver­sion of bear­er se­cur­it­ies in­to nom­in­at­ive se­cur­it­ies...
Cor­por­ate fin­an­cing: SIMFE and short-term debt cer­ti­fic­ates
On 1 June 2017 entered in­to force the new rules on se­cur­it­ies in­vest­ment com­pan­ies for pro­mo­tion of the eco­nomy (SIMFE) and the new rules on short-term debt cer­ti­fic­ates, provided for in De­cree-Law no...
CMS RPA fea­tured in TTR
CMS Rui Pena & Ar­naut (RPA) is fea­tured in Trans­ac­tion­al Track Re­cord (TTR), more spe­cific­ally in the area of ​​Private Equity / Ven­ture Cap­it­al which ana­lyzes the first quarter of 2013. The firm...
Cur­rent Status on Por­tuguese Private Equity
Al­though private equity trans­ac­tions may date back to the be­gin­ning of the 20th cen­tury, private equity would not gain its true form un­til after World War II, when ven­ture cap­it­al and private equity firms...