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Explore exciting upcoming events, both digital and in-person, around the issues and topics that matter to you. Join us in our conversations and find out what the experts are talking about in your industry. 

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Upcoming Events
On the Pulse webinar series 2024
Welcome to the 2024 On the Pulse webinar series.  This webinar series brings you updates on the latest legal and commercial developments in the life sciences & healthcare sector from around the world. Over the coming period, we will be hosting two webinars on:Unified Patent Court (UPC) - 23 AprilEU Pharma Package - 18 JuneEach webinar will be one hour in length with a 15-minute Q&A session.
Cross-border Financial Services 2024 webinar series
We're delighted to announce the launch of our third season of international webinars focusing on financial regulation, starting on 13 March 2024. Whether you are an in-house lawyer, compliance officer, financial analyst, risk manager, or any other professional concerned with maintaining the integrity of your organisation's financial practices, this series offers succinct 20-30 minute overviews of key industry trends and regulatory concerns across mul­tiple jur­is­dic­tions. If you have any additional topics that you would like us to add or address at one of the webinars, please contact us. Upcoming Webinars: 5 June: Preparing for a regulatory visit  How the banking regulator assesses a firm’s systems and controls: what to prepare and what to look out for.3 July: Handling a challenging ap­plic­a­tion  Your application for a licence, product approval or change in control is meeting with regulatory resistance.  How can you surmount these challenges?31 July: Dawn Raids  Un­an­nounced regulator visits are on the increase.  We look at what triggers a dawn raid, your rights if one happens, and how best to manage the consequences.4 September: Navigating the global ESG land­scape Is the regulatory reporting jigsaw puzzle causing more harm than good? We will provide an overview of the main cross-border issues impacting global financial institutions as they seek to manage ever expanding ESG regulations and discuss whether these rules are helping or hindering the action we need for change. The language of the webinar will be English.
Past events
EU Competition Law Briefing
The EU Competition Law Briefings have been created to provide a platform for our clients and other competition law experts to stay up to date on the developments of EU Competition Law. 
Green Claims Enforcement Risks by CMS and Sustainability&
CMS and Sustainability&  
Belgrade Energy Forum 2024
The Belgrade Energy Forum 2024  will connect, and in partnership with the Balkan Green Energy News portal, present and promote decision makers, directors of power utilities, leading investors, financial institutions, power traders, consultancies and law offices, technology providers, companies for innovative services and digital solutions, think-tanks and civil society organizations. CMS experts Dimitar Zwiatkow, Marija Mušec and Tamara Zejak will discuss the regulatory framework for storage and batteries in the region of SEE. 
Effects of the ESG Transformation on D&I – Is it helping with developing...
This International Women's Day, join us for an online discussion on the effects of the ESG transformation in developing diversity and in­clu­sion.  Or­gan­ized on 8 March 2024, this event is a testament to our ongoing commitment to championing the cause of women across all spheres of professional life.  Our goal is to explore whether the ESG transformation has been a catalyst for developing equality, offering insights into how these global standards are reshaping the dynamics of D&I. Event high­lights:En­gage with an esteemed panel of speakers who are at the forefront of the ESG and D&I do­mains. Ex­am­ine the tangible impacts of ESG initiatives on creating equitable opportunities for all. Discover strategies and best practices for integrating ESG and D&I principles. Enjoy a spotlight on women's advancement.  Featured speakers Luciano Duque-Cordero, Legal Counsel at UniCredit Bank Austria AG and External Lecturer at FH Joanneum, brings a wealth of international legal expertise, with a focus on financial services and corporate law. His diverse experience spans across Austria, China, and various global roles, offering unique insights into the ESG transformation's impact on diversity and inclusion. Fiona Watson, Senior Director in Redefining Value at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a role that leverages her extensive background in corporate law, finance and sustainability. Her work in leading transformative agendas around corporate performance and accountability makes her an authoritative voice on the intersection of ESG initiatives and D&I efforts. Your participation matters! Whether you're a seasoned professional or just embarking on your career journey, your voice adds valuable perspective to our collective exploration of ESG's role in shaping a more equitable world. Join us in shaping a more inclusive future this International Women's Day.
EU Competition Law Briefings
The EU Competition Law Briefings have been created to provide a platform for our clients and other competition law experts to stay up to date on the developments of EU Competition Law. Every month CMS...
CMS CRASH COURSE: Business & Law for students
To excel as a corporate lawyer, a law degree is just not enough. Building on the success of last year's CMS Crash Course: Business & Law for students, here is a new opportunity to develop your skills that go far beyond legal knowledge. Our crash course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for a thriving career. This year, we will concentrate on soft skills, which are vital for success in the legal profession. After all, dealing with people is a fundamental aspect of this profession. Do you agree that strong motivation, effective communication, confidence, and courage are key to success?These are the topics we will cover in this year's Crash Course. Our expert speakers will not only discuss but also provide answers to the following questions:What does success mean at work and in life?How can we overcome the challenges on the path to success?How do our beliefs, motivation, and behaviour impact ourselves and others?How can we better understand people and negotiate effectively with them?From sports psychologist to lawyer: developing key skills for business successIn this year's half-day Crash Course: Business & Law for students, a trio of experts will guide you, equipping you with essential skills and knowledge for the legal profession. The first lecturer is Prof. Dr. Matej Tušak, a renowned sports psychologist in Slovenia. Under his guidance, many successful athletes such as Primož Roglič, Tina Maze, Vasilij Žbogar, Urška Žolnir, have been trained. In his lecture "Psychological factors of success at work and in life," you will learn:Necessary actions for successTraits of successful individuals and how to become oneDeveloping self-re­spons­ib­il­ity for successFinding motivation within oneselfTeam building and fostering loyaltyDealing with stress and effective man­age­ment­Devel­op­ing desirable leadership qualitiesThe second speaker is Nina Smole, a certified hypnotherapist and SDI trainer, as well as trainer in public and business speaking, stress management, and communication with difficult individuals certified. In her lecture "Do I understand you right?" you will learn:Why some individuals are easier to work with while others lead to con­flic­tEm­bra­cing and learning from our differencesHow beliefs and motivations influence be­ha­vi­ourCon­flict resolution and communication with different individualsThe SDI® tool (Strength Deployment In­vent­ory)Fi­nally, our attorney at law Neža Vončina will conduct a workshop on "Negotiation in theory and practice." She will cover negotiation theory and provide practical examples on how to approach negotiations. Key takeaways include:Steps in the negotiation processEffective negotiation skills and strategiesThe importance of preparation in ne­go­ti­ation­sOv­er­com­ing obstacles in negotiations and achieving goalsSuccess and persuasion in ne­go­ti­ationsDon't miss this opportunity for personal and professional growth! The countdown to the event has begun. With only 25 available spots, register as soon as possible, as places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. And yes, the course is absolutely FREE. Over snacks and drinks, you'll also have plenty of opportunities to network with our lawyers, who you can ask the questions that you’ve been meaning to ask but never had the chance. 
On the Pulse Webinar Series 2023 - Autumn
On the Pulse webinar series brings you updates on the latest legal and commercial developments in the life sciences & healthcare sector. The Autumn edition will see our CMS sector specialists cover: Commercial - Deal landscape and transaction trends in the Life Sciences SectorDispute Resolution - The midnight clause: why choice of law and jurisdiction clauses matterPublic Procurement - Typical pitfalls to be avoided in a procurement process for pharma and medical devices suppliesequIP - Pitfalls for life sciences start-ups to avoidEach webinar will be one hour in length with a 15-minute Q&A session. To register for the full series or just the topics of interest to you, click on the registration links below. To watch the Spring webinars in the On the Pulse series, visit here.
Arbitration - An Overlooked Tool for Settling Disputes
Join CMS Slovenia in partnership with the Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for a full-day, complimentary event dedicated to arbitration. Our event will bring together CMS specialists in arbitration, along with distinguished speakers from renowned arbitration institutions in the region. Event High­light­sAr­bit­ra­tion Trends in the RegionExploring Third-Party Funding in International Ar­bit­ra­tion­Com­par­at­ive Analysis of Different Arbitration RulesUnveiling the New Rules of Ljubljana Arbitration CentreWe look forward to an event filled with profound insights into these topics, informative discussions, and excellent networking opportunities. Registration InformationDue to limited seating (45 seats available), we operate on a "first come, first served" principle. Register now to secure your place!We look forward to your participation in this enlightening event in Ljubljana. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
ACC Annual Meeting 2023
Meet our experts at booth #712
Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2023
Blurring Boundaries - Exploring the convergence of life sciences and law