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Explore exciting upcoming events, both digital and in-person, around the issues and topics that matter to you. Join us in our conversations and find out what the experts are talking about in your industry. 

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RuST 2022: Jahresfor­um für Recht und Steuern
Busi­ness Circle
20 Jahre Ver­ga­befor­um | Kon­fer­enz
Ös­ter­reichs größte Platt­form für das öf­fent­liche Auftrag­swesen­Ver­an­stal­ter: Busi­ness Circle
Past events
IDEEA Hos­pit­al­ity In­vest­ment For­um
Loc­a­tion: Grand Hy­att Athens, GreeceCMS is spon­sor­ing the IDEEA Hos­pit­al­ity In­vest­ment For­um, a two-day con­fer­ence that will fo­cus on the CEE and SEE ex­plor­ing the in­vest­ment and de­vel­op­ment po­ten­tial. The...
8th CMS Pub­lic Pro­cure­ment For­um
We are de­lighted to an­nounce that the 8th CMS Pub­lic Pro­cure­ment For­um will take place in Oslo on Thursday, 22 Septem­ber 2022 from 12:45 - 17:30 p.m. CET provid­ing an up­date on European pub­lic pro­cure­ment law.The pro­gramme will cov­er policy de­vel­op­ments in the EU and re­cent and im­port­ant de­cisions from the ECJ with high rel­ev­ance in prac­tice. In the second part of the event, we in­vite you to a com­par­at­ive view shar­ing ex­per­i­ences from sev­er­al jur­is­dic­tions on two top­ics with prac­tic­al rel­ev­ance:decim­al­possible dam­ages claims an­dtime lim­its and cut off for claims.The con­fer­ence will be held in Eng­lish and free of charge. There will be the pos­sib­il­ity to par­ti­cip­ate re­motely for any­one in­ter­ested in these top­ics, but un­able to at­tend in per­son. 
CMS Em­ploy­ment Snack | Alles für den Herbst
Steigende En­er­giekos­ten, eine un­berechen­bare Pandemieentwicklung, Arbeit­skräfte­m­an­gel und eine hohe In­fla­tion lassen Un­terneh­men arbeit­s­recht­lich ein­en stürmis­chen Herbst er­warten.   Welche Schutzkonzepte es für Cov­id-19 braucht, wofür Arbeit­ge­ber:innen haften, wie Arbeit­ge­ber:innen ein­er ho­hen Per­son­al­fluk­tu­ation en­t­ge­gen­wirken können und wie mit En­er­gieknap­pheit auch arbeit­szeitrecht­lich umgegan­gen wer­den kann, sind nur ein­ige der drän­genden Fra­gen, über die un­sere Arbeit­s­recht­s­ex­pert:innen An­drea Potz und Chris­toph Wolf bei un­ser­em näch­sten CMS Em­ploy­ment Snack sprechen.   Das We­bin­ar dauert inklus­ive ein­er Q&A-Ses­sion 45 Minuten und ist kos­ten­los. Gerne können Sie diese Ein­ladung an In­teressierte weit­er­leiten.Un­ser Snack-MenüAlles rund um die Cov­id-19 Verkehrs­bes­chränkungs­VO - Schutzkonzepte, Haf­tun­gen und Entschädi­gun­genEn­er­gieknap­pheit, Re­or­gan­isa­tion und Arbeit­szeit­mod­elleEn­er­giekos­ten und Aufwand­sentschädi­gun­gen­Mit­arbeit­er:innen­bindung durch In­cent­ive­mod­elle und at­trakt­ive Arbeit­szeiten­Arbeit­skampf im Be­trieb?          Q&A Soll­ten Sie Fra­gen bezüg­lich un­seres Events haben, kon­tak­tier­en Sie uns bitte unter events@cms-rrh.com.
At centre stage: Are con­sumer pro­tec­tion laws crush­ing e-com­merce?
The 7th epis­ode of “At Centre Stage” will dis­sect the rules of con­duct for EU on­line re­tail­ers in the light of changes of the Om­ni­bus dir­ect­ive.The sec­tor at centre stage of our 7th epis­ode is the...
European For­um Alp­bach: Brave New World of Work
The con­stant changes de­mand com­pan­ies to (re-)act faster to press­ing re­quests and to flex­ibly ad­apt to chal­lenges ahead. New tech­no­lo­gies provide flex­ible op­por­tun­it­ies for work­ers as they sug­gest that they can work at any time, from any­where. What are the (leg­al) solu­tions to re­con­cile flex­ib­il­ity de­mands of both com­pan­ies and (healthy, en­ga­ging) work­ers? How can we shape the new world of work?  Speak­ers:    An­drea Potz, Part­ner CMS Reich-Rohr­wig Hain­z­S­ven Pöl­lauer, Head of PR & Mar­ket Com­mu­nic­a­tionÖBB-Per­son­en­verkehr AGTho­mas Ott, CEO Mondi FLEX­IBLE PACK­AGING­Christine Ant­langer-Winter, Coun­try Dir­ect­or Google Aus­tria
EU Com­pet­i­tion Law Brief­ings
The EU Com­pet­i­tion Law Brief­ings have been cre­ated to provide a plat­form for our cli­ents and oth­er com­pet­i­tion law ex­perts to stay up to date on the de­vel­op­ments of EU Com­pet­i­tion Law. Every month CMS...
Hy­dro­gen – dream fuel or just a lot of hot air?
Hy­dro­gen is in­creas­ingly seen as one of the key drivers of the en­ergy trans­ition. Every day brings news about co­oper­a­tion agree­ments, start-ups, new tech­no­lo­gies, in­fra­struc­ture pro­jects, stor­age solu­tions...
Als größte Kar­ri­eremesse für Stud­i­er­ende und Ab­solvent:innen der Recht­swis­senschaften im deutschs­prac­hi­gen Raum öffnet die jus­suc­cess am Don­ner­stag, 9. Juni 2022 von 9.30 bis 16.30 Uhr nach COV­ID19-be­dingter...
Em­bed­ding the ‘S’ in ESG in the work­place
At­tract­ing and re­tain­ing tal­ent has be­come more chal­len­ging fol­low­ing the Cov­id-19 pan­dem­ic. However, em­ploy­ers with a clear and genu­ine com­mit­ment to the ‘so­cial’ as­pects of ESG are more likely to...
What hap­pens now? Nav­ig­at­ing the new COV­ID em­ploy­ment land­scape
Des­pite a suc­cess­ful vac­cine roll-out, the world con­tin­ues to con­tend with new vari­ants of COV­ID-19. As coun­tries scramble to ad­apt to on­go­ing in­fec­tion risks, it is clear that work­ing life isn’t go­ing...