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Past events
Glob­al Life Sci­ences & Health­care For­um 2022
Un­cer­tain times, an evolving leg­al frame­work: man­aging risks and en­sur­ing so­cial re­spons­ib­il­ity in the life sci­ences & health­care sec­tor
Will CBAM really help EU busi­nesses?
The pro­pos­al for the EU car­bon bor­der ad­just­ment mech­an­ism (CBAM) was ad­op­ted by the European Com­mis­sion in Ju­ly 2021 to com­ple­ment the EU Emis­sions Trad­ing Sys­tem (EU ETS). The goal is to re­duce green­house...
Im­mig­ra­tion is­sues for Ukraine and Po­land: on­line dis­cus­sion with Q&A
Mar­tial law in Ukraine is chan­ging em­ploy­ment rules and caus­ing chal­lenges and im­plic­a­tions for busi­nesses. Po­land is the EU coun­try host­ing the vast ma­jor­ity of Ukrain­i­an refugees, who are cur­rently...
What hap­pens now? Nav­ig­at­ing the new COV­ID em­ploy­ment land­scape
Des­pite a suc­cess­ful vac­cine roll-out, the world con­tin­ues to con­tend with new vari­ants of COV­ID-19. As coun­tries scramble to ad­apt to on­go­ing in­fec­tion risks, it is clear that work­ing life isn’t go­ing...
Un­fair Trad­ing Prac­tices in the Ag­ri­cul­tur­al and Food Sup­ply Chain in CEE:...
On 1 Novem­ber 2021, the EU Dir­ect­ive on un­fair trad­ing prac­tices in busi­ness-to-busi­ness agri-food sup­ply chains came in­to full ef­fect. This now means that cer­tain un­fair trad­ing prac­tices in the ag­ri­cul­tur­al...
Glob­al Life Sci­ences & Health­care Fest­iv­al 2021 - Vir­tu­al
Join us for this year's Glob­al Life Sci­ences & Health­care Fest­iv­al 2021 - Vir­tu­al from 29 Novem­ber to 2 Decem­ber.  Day 1: Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence in Life Sci­ences & Health­care: New busi­ness mod­els in...
CMS Skills For Fu­ture Fa­cing Teams: How to give ef­fect­ive feed­back
Im­prov­ing the qual­ity of ef­fect­ive feed­back can im­prove per­form­ance, en­able be­ha­viour change and ca­reer de­vel­op­ment.  This ses­sion is de­signed to help you de­vel­op new tech­niques and in­crease your con­fid­ence...
CMS Skills For Fu­ture Fa­cing Teams: How to have coach­ing con­ver­sa­tions
This ses­sion is de­signed to help you im­prove the qual­ity of con­ver­sa­tions at work by ad­opt­ing a coach­ing style.  Evid­ence shows that it can feel chal­len­ging for lead­ers and man­agers to en­gage in con­struct­ive...
CMS Skills For Fu­ture Fa­cing Teams: En­abling peak per­form­ance
With or without a pan­dem­ic to dis­tract us, we all need to know how to at­tain and main­tain a state of ‘peak per­form­ance’ for much of the work­ing day. And since there hap­pens to be a pan­dem­ic just now...
The Fu­ture is Now: The New World of Work
As coun­tries con­tin­ue to struggle with COV­ID-19 while also try­ing to re­tain at least a semb­lance of busi­ness as usu­al, the way we work has been changed ex­tens­ively, in some re­spects po­ten­tially forever.The...
Glob­al Di­git­al Health Fest­iv­al - Vir­tu­al: Di­git­al trends trans­form­ing HealthTech
Join us for our in­aug­ur­al Glob­al Di­git­al Health Fest­iv­al - Vir­tu­al from 23-26 Novem­ber.   Day 1: Is AI still the fu­ture of health­care? No, it’s the present. But can we keep up with it?Con­sid­er­a­tion...
The view of the Belt and Road Ini­ti­at­ive from CEE
Go to BRI homepa­geThere is enorm­ous po­ten­tial in CEE for the Belt and Road Ini­ti­at­ive (BRI). The 17+1 Ini­ti­at­ive is fa­cil­it­at­ing China’s co-op­er­a­tion with CEE coun­tries and the re­gion’s geo­graph­ic...