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Kristy Duane
Nov 2018
Con­nec­ted Fu­ture
Glob­al in­fra­struc­ture re­port
20 Dec 18
Cross-bor­der re­struc­tur­ing – na­tion­al and re­gion­al...
Em­ploy­ment we­binars
Published in September 2018 in CEE Legal Matters
Un­fair Trad­ing Prac­tices in the Food Sup­ply Chain –...
17 Jan 19
We­bin­ar: Mer­ger Con­trol and Com­pet­i­tion Law in M&A...
Croa­tia: VAT le­gis­la­tion changes – Im­pact on non-res­id­ent...
CMS Zagreb ad­vises Porsche En­gin­eer­ing on ac­quir­ing...
Published on 18.09.2018 in CEE Legal Matters
Fin­an­cing Op­tions un­der the Croa­tian Bank­ruptcy Act