Picture of Ramona Dulamea

Ramona Dulamea

Senior Associate

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP S.C.P.
11-15, Tipografilor Street
B3-B4, 4th Floor
District 1
013714 Bucharest
Languages Romanian, English

Ramona Dulamea is a senior associate in the Energy Team at CMS Bucharest.

She advises energy companies internationally on regulatory issues, joint ventures, projects, energy trading, farm-in/farm-out projects, liaison with authorities and distribution.

Ramona’s clients range for large multinationals to energy focused start-ups. She is also involved in drafting legislative amendments and position papers on behalf of her clients.

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"Real support and great skills".

Board of Directors, Romanian Exploration and Production Companies Association

"I have been working with Ramona almost four years now, and her professionalism in approaching to all issues, responsiveness in all matters with high diligence and deep knowledge on the specifics of the body of law we work together have made the work joyful and extremely fruitful. Her managing a number of consultants, advisers and lawyers in a multi-disciplinary transaction in harmony brought success in all areas we worked. I have heard nothing but excellent appraisals for her human relations skills."

Managing Partner at Ozel &Ozel, Attorneys at Law - SaIans Affiliated office in Istanbul

"Great contribution"

Head of Tax, Repsol

"Ramona was a key member of the management team, her legal advice and support was critical to achieving the goals of the company, particularly on the legal and commercial negotiations of some very complex agreements with various Government Ministries in different jurisdictions. Ramona's negotiation skills contributed greatly to achieving successful outcomes. It was a great pleasure working with Ramona."

Vice President Hamilton Caird


  • 2012 - LL.M, University of Law, Bucharest
  • 2009 - LL.M, University of Law, Bucharest
  • 2007 - Oil And Gas Lawyer School, IHRDC, London
  • 2003 - LL.M, Police Academy, Law School
  • 2002 - Law School Graduation
  • 1998 - High School Graduation, “Carol I Collage”
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  • Romanian Bar Association
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  • Revista Achizitii Publice 
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Lectures list

  • Compliance guidelines for clients 
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Ramona Dulamea is a senior associate in at CMS Bucharest. She advises on a wide range of legal matters including corporate, corporate/commercial, real estate, investments in energy and public services, consumer protection, public acquisitions, aircraft regulations and aircraft financing, public - private partnerships, franchise, environmental law and IT.

Conducted negotiations within projects such as: negotiating terms of aircraft financial lease agreements, commercial contracts with domestic and foreign companies, corporate and bank guarantees, negotiating with the competent public authorities (National Audiovisual Council of Romania, National Agency for Mineral Resources), providing legal assistance to cross-border joint-ventures.

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  • 2012 - LL.M, University of Law, Bucharest
  • 2009 - LL.M, University of Law, Bucharest
  • 2007 - Oil And Gas Lawyer School, IHRDC, London
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Public Procurement

Ramona Dulamea is a senior associate in the Commercial Team at CMS Bucharest.  She has extensive experience in advising international organisations on the public procurement of assets in Romania.

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  • 2012 - LL.M, University of Law, Bucharest
  • 2009 - LL.M, University of Law, Bucharest
  • 2007 - Oil And Gas Lawyer School, IHRDC, London
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November 2018
CEE Soil and Ground­wa­ter Con­tam­in­a­tion Guide
Up­dates in the Ro­mani­an Oil & Gas and Power Sec­tors
Fol­low­ing the con­tro­ver­sial meas­ures in the en­ergy sec­tor in the wake of Gov­ern­ment Emer­gency Or­din­ance 114/2018 (“GEO 114”), the Gov­ern­ment has re­cently de­cided to fur­ther re­form the sec­tor with the aim of strengthen the se­cur­ity of sup­ply for the house­hold.
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Elec­tric Vehicles
Fur­ther changes in the Ro­mani­an en­ergy sec­tor
The Ro­mani­an en­ergy sec­tor con­tin­ues to search for sta­bil­ity and pre­dict­ab­il­ity due to the passing of Gov­ern­ment Emer­gency Or­din­ance 114/2018 (“GEO 114”), which in­tro­duces sev­er­al tax and reg­u­lat­ory meas­ures for vari­ous ma­jor in­dus­tries – in­clud­ing the en­ergy.
An­nu­al visa re­quired for the valid­ity of the En­vir­on­ment­al Per­mits...
Fol­low­ing amend­ments to the Gov­ern­ment Emer­gency Or­din­ance no. 195/2005 on en­vir­on­ment­al pro­tec­tion, hold­ers of En­vir­on­ment­al Per­mits ("EP") / In­teg­rated En­vir­on­ment­al Au­thor­isa­tions ("IEA") will be re­quired to ob­tain an an­nu­al visa as a valid­ity con­di­tion.
Ro­mania ad­opts Off­shore Law on Black Sea
After hot de­bate and an el­ev­enth-hour con­sensus struck between Ro­mani­a's most power­ful parties, the Ro­mani­an par­lia­ment passed the “Off­shore Law" on Oc­to­ber. The law reg­u­lates off­shore oil & gas pro­jects in the Ro­mani­an wa­ters of the Black Sea, and makes sig­ni­fic­ant.
Ro­mania – Amend­ments to the Elec­tri­city and Nat­ur­al Gas Law 123/2012
The Elec­tri­city and Nat­ur­al Gas Law 123/2012 has been re­cently amended with new cla­ri­fic­a­tions and ob­lig­a­tions ad­ded for both the elec­tri­city and gas sec­tors. The main amend­ments ad­dress: Elec­tri­city: Dis­tri­bu­tion op­er­at­ors are un­der the ob­lig­a­tion to.
Ro­mania: Oil and Gas – New Off­shore Law
Ro­mania up­dated its le­gis­la­tion in or­der to keep up with the re­cent and pro­jec­ted de­vel­op­ments in the oil and gas sec­tor. In early Ju­ly, the Depu­ties Cham­ber is­sues the fi­nal vote on the Law on Off­shore Pet­ro­leum Op­er­a­tions (the “Off­shore Law”), which was ini­ti­ated.
Ro­mania: Lib­er­al­isa­tion of the en­ergy mar­ket
As of 1 Janu­ary 2018, the elec­tri­city mar­ket for house­hold con­sumers in Ro­mania be­came fully lib­er­al­ised and the price for elec­tri­city is now freely ne­go­ti­ated between con­sumers and sup­pli­ers. Con­sumers have the op­tion to re­turn to the uni­ver­sal ser­vice mar­ket.
Ro­mania: Ex­ten­sion of en­ergy sec­tor taxes
At the be­gin­ning of Decem­ber, the Ro­mani­an gov­ern­ment ex­ten­ded the ap­plic­ab­il­ity term of cer­tain en­ergy sec­tor taxes to 31 Decem­ber 2018. When en­acted in 2013, Or­din­ances 5, 6 and 7, were meant to ap­ply tem­por­ar­ily, but their terms have been ex­ten­ded each year.
Pro­pos­al for amend­ing Dir­ect­ive 2009/73/EC con­cern­ing com­mon rules...
On 8 Novem­ber 2017, the European Com­mis­sion pro­posed an amend­ment to Dir­ect­ive 2009/73/EC (“the Gas Dir­ect­ive”) to bring  all gas pipelines en­ter­ing EU ter­rit­ory in line with EU rules. Cur­rently,  the Gas Dir­ect­ive does not ex­pli­citly set out a leg­al frame­work.
Ro­mania: Draft law on en­vir­on­ment­al im­pact as­sess­ments of pub­lic and...
The Min­istry of En­vir­on­ment has re­cently opened a pub­lic de­bate on the draft law re­gard­ing the en­vir­on­ment­al im­pact of pub­lic and private pro­jects (“Draft Law”). If passed, this Draft Law will re­place the ex­ist­ing Gov­ern­ment De­cision No 445/2009.