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AI in Life Sciences

Legal perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of AI for life sciences companies

11 May 2021

Artificial intelligence is not new: the term itself was coined over 60 years ago. However, the convergence of data volume, processing power and technical capability has convinced many that the AI era has finally arrived. Every industry is looking at ways to use AI to improve efficiency, reduce cost or deliver better products or services, and the life sciences industry is no exception.

As ever when a new technology becomes viable (think of the internet and the Dotcom boom), technological advances race ahead, while we poor lawyers struggle along behind, trying to ensure that laws that never envisaged what has now become – not only possible, but yesterday’s news, remain fit for purpose.

At CMS, we have many lawyers in many countries thinking about the increasing impact of AI on the life sciences legal landscape. Rather than keep these thoughts to ourselves, we thought we would share some of them with you. They cover a wide range of issues, so not all may be directly relevant to your work, but we hope that all will help you understand a little better some of the many issues that life sciences companies will have to address over the coming months and years.

We look first at the types of AI that are being developed and how they are being put to use in the life sciences industry. We then turn to some of the difficult legal issues that we and our clients are facing, including a look at the increasingly important Chinese legal landscape, before finishing with a review of “ethical AI” and what AI developers need to take into account to ensure that their products are trusted by consumers.

We hope you find the articles interesting and useful and if you would like to hear more, we would be delighted to continue the conversation with you!

AI in Life Sciences
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