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Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Lawyers

Co-operation between the public and the private sector in building and running infrastructure facilities or offering public services often takes place within the framework of public private partnerships (PPP). This form of co-operation has considerable advantages and is being ever more used: Not only is the private sector‘s financial power put to use in providing public services, but also their professional expertise.

We offer comprehensive legal advice both to the public sector and to investors/sponsors, banks and other debt capital providers. Our project teams are made up of experts from the following areas: public procurement law, building contract law, public commercial law, corporate law, banking and financing law, tax law, claim management and dispute resolution. The use of experts from many different fields ensures that you always have at hand precisely the legal and tax expertise you need due to the complexities of PPP projects and when you need it.

We offer advice on the conception of projects as well as the preparation and handling of invitations to tender and procurement processes. We will advise and represent you in contractual negotiations, project financing and commissioning subcontractors, and also provide you with support when implementing PPP projects. We are especially experienced in the areas of infrastructure, transport, energy, health care and public buildings.

We consult on PPP projects and construction and service concessions in Macedonia, in CEE and SEE and wherever your project takes place. Close cooperation between CMS offices in 34 different countries ensures that our lawyers can always draw on international experience to develop tailor-made solutions.


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