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Gilbert Shen, CPA
Chinese Tax Regulation Update - September 2016
China Insight - Tax
20 Oct 16
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
European IP Snapshot – September 2016欧洲知产快讯 – 2016年九月
Bringing you regular news of key developments in European intellectual property law. 持续为您提供欧洲知识产权法律的关键更新。 PATENTS 专利 Oleg Iliich Epshtein v Comptroller-General of Patent, Designs and Trade Marks [2016] EWHC 1511 (Ch)Oleg Iliich Epshtein诉专利、设计和商标办公室主任[2016].
Dr. Ulrike Glueck
New SASAC Rules to Enhance Supervision and Protect...
China Insight - Corporate
05 Oct 16
Webinar: Brexit Management Intellectual Property
An EU and UK perspective
When the Dust Settles: Cross-border restructuring and insolvency...
As the dust begins to settle after the EU referendum and the potential ramifications of Brexit continue to be digested, we examine the potential impact of Brexit on the UK cross-border restructuring and insolvency regime and its consequences for the UK’s reputation.
Réglementation des dispositifs médicaux en Chine 2...
Synthèse Réglementation
20 Jul 16
Brexit - Post Referendum Seminar - Impact on the R...
New regulatory regime for foreign investment in China
On 3 September 2016, the Standing Committee of the PRC National People's Congress adopted a decision to revise the three laws governing foreign invested enterprises in China, i. e. the PRC Law on Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises, the PRC Law on Sino-Foreign.
New Regulatory Regime for Foreign Investment in Ch...
China Insight - Corporate
What future for environment taxes?
On 6th September 2016 the European Environment Agency, an agency of the European Union tasked to provide “sound, independent information on the environment” published a report on Environmental taxation and EU environmental policies.
Anti-Monopoly Disputes – Arbitration or Litigation...
China Insight - Competition
PRC court awards maximum statutory damages of RMB 3 million in a...
In recent years, damages awarded in IP lawsuits, especially in trademark infringement cases, have increased significantly in China. The revised PRC Trademark Law, which took effect in May 2014, increased the cap of statutory damages awarded for trademark infringement.