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Dr. Ulrike Glueck
Update on the New Regulatory Regime for Foreign In...
China Insight - Corporate
17 Nov 16
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
European IP Snapshot – October 2016 欧洲知产快讯 – 2016年十月
Bringing you regular news of key developments in European intellectual property law. 持续为您提供欧洲知识产权法律的关键更新。 TRADE MARKS AND PASSING OFF 商标和假冒 Combit Software GmbH v Commit Business Solutions Ltd, Case C-223/15 Combit 软件德国有限公司 诉 Commit 商业解决方案有限公司,Case.
Gilbert Shen, CPA
Chinese Tax Regulation Update - September 2016
China Insight - Tax
05 Oct 16
Webinar: Brexit Management Intellectual Property
An EU and UK perspective
Update on the new regulatory regime for foreign investment in Chi...
As reported in our newsletter of 14 September 2016, the three laws governing foreign invested enterprises in China, i. e. the PRC Law on Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises, the PRC Law on Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures and the PRC Law on Sino-Foreign Cooperative.
New SASAC Rules to Enhance Supervision and Protect...
China Insight - Corporate
20 Jul 16
Brexit - Post Referendum Seminar - Impact on the R...
In partnership with China, USD 20 billion fund will finance proje...
The governments of China and Brazil last week signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which establishes a framework for setting up and operating the Brazil-China Cooperation Fund for Increasing Productive Capacity.
Réglementation des dispositifs médicaux en Chine 2...
Synthèse Réglementation
Is a Russian court competent to resolve an investment-related dis...
Summary On 5 August 2016, Russian businessman and former co-owner of the Lithuanian Bank Snoras, Mr. Vladimir Antonov, filed a claim against the Republic of Lithuania (represented by the Ministry of Justice) for an amount exceeding 40 billion Rubles (more than.
New Regulatory Regime for Foreign Investment in Ch...
China Insight - Corporate
Impending UK Inheritance Tax Changes
In the 2015 Summer Budget, proposals were announced to change the UK tax regime for non-domiciles. These proposals were the subject of a consultation paper Reforms to the Taxation of Non-domiciles: further consultation which was published on 19 August 2016.