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About Us

Facts & Figures

  • Established 1999
  • Partners > 1,250
  • Lawyers > 5,800
  • Total staff > 9,000
  • Countries 47
  • Cities present 79
  • Offices 84

About us

CMS is a Future Facing organisation of independent law firms.  With 84 offices in over 47 countries and 5,800+ lawyers worldwide, we combine deep local market understanding with a global overview, giving us the ability not only to see what’s coming but to shape it.

We are focused on building strong relationships with our clients, our people, our industry sectors and wider communities. 

As a Future Facing firm we take a bold, dynamic and agile approach to help clients of every size face the future with confidence. We have an immense depth of understanding of the sectors in which we operate. Our lawyers are genuine experts in their fields and are able to advise on current challenges as well as anticipate those on the horizon that are likely to shape the future.

At CMS, we are committed to our clients, investing time and sharing knowledge to create and sustain long term relationships. I am personally always interested to hear your views and discuss ways of how we can improve what we do for you.

Charles Currier, Senior Partner

We want to ensure that we build a culture of trust, respect and support embracing all aspects of diversity and inclusion, leading the legal sector in social impact and sustainability. Our aim is to inspire, impact and support our clients and our people, helping them to maximize their potential and thrive.

Read more about the firm’s strategy, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and ambition to be a leader in social purpose in a message from The Senior Partner.

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Message from Charles Currier, Senior Partner