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There is plenty of entrepreneurship in the UAE, but lots of challenges too. From seemingly simple tasks like opening a bank account or finding office space, to more complex, strategic goals like finding investment, it could feel like a struggle. In addition to those internal challenges, many start-up companies want to expand internationally, but do not always know where to start.

In our equIP programme, we focus on just that. We help guide companies navigate those processes and also connect them with the investment ecosystems in other markets, be that in the UK, in Germany, APAC or elsewhere.

The equIP team in Dubai works with a group of carefully selected start-ups to support their growth, helping them develop into strong Series A candidates, be that locally, or on the international markets they are looking to move into or seek investment from.

A number of start-ups have already joined the equIP programme in UAE including Blowout and Go and Monami tech.

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As a member of our Middle Eastern equIP programme, you benefit from a dedicated local team that is excited about working with start-ups and sees the relationship as an investment into an idea that they believe in – as well as the resources, expertise and network of a much wider global team to work with you and help you take your business to the next level. Wherever that may be.

As part of the Dubai equIP programme, you benefit from:

  • A 50% discount on our standard hourly rates, up to US$ 30,000.
  • Introductions to relevant industry leaders, including both peers and investors.
  • Access to exclusive events, workshops and a regular member newsletter.
  • Access to the CMS teams in any of the other equIP jurisdictions – with the same 50% discount on their standard hourly rates.
  • Fixed fee menus for:
    •  Fundraising: Access to capital is an essential part of your growth story, and we will use our experience and network of investors to help get the funding you need.
    •  IP healthcheck: IP can be vital for the future of your business. Our healthcheck service, delivered by our market- leading IP team, helps maximise this value for the life span of your company.
    •  Share schemes: Share options provide a cost-effective means for you to recruit and reward employees as an alternative to significant salaries. We can help you implement mutually beneficial share-based reward structures.
    • Employment: Keeping your talent happy is essential. equIP gives you access to our fixed fee employment law services to help you protect your company's interests in a simple and cost efficient manner.
    •  Website T&Cs: Our lawyers will apply their decades of online experience to your business, working for you to ensure you gain the trust of your consumers and potential investors while protecting your business.
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