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Jelena Nushol Fijačko


Bardek, Lisac, Mušec, Skoko and partners
in cooperation with CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Ilica 1
10000 Zagreb
Languages Croatian, English

Jelena Nushol Fijačko is a partner at Bardek, Lisac, Mušec, Skoko and partners in cooperation with CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz and primarily advises clients on banking and finance matters, but also works on M&A transactions.

Jelena Nushol Fijačko worked on wide range of financing projects and M&A transactions in connection with real estate, tourism and hotel industry, shopping centers and retail chains development, industry investments, renewable energy projects, etc. She also deals with restructurings and various compliance matters specific for banking and financial market, and has recently worked on largest non-performing loan transactions in Croatia and CEE region.

Many years of work for international and Croatian clients (primarily banks, funds and financial institutions), as well as experience in different types of projects, have all resulted in Jelena Nushol Fijačko’s excellent understanding of the business and ability to respond to her clients’ specific needs.

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Jelena Nushol is a very nice and very reasonable lawyer. She is my first choice to work with in CMS."

Client Feedback 2015

"Jelena Nushol has a straightforward and co-operative approach."

Client Feedback 2014


  • 2010 – Bar Admission (Croatia)
  • 2006 – Law Faculty, University of Zagreb
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  • Croatian Bar Association
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Lectures list

  • Pre-bankruptcy Proceedings in Croatia – lecture for American Chamber of Commerce
  • Non-performing Loans Transactions – lecture for Croatian banks
  • Free Movement of Goods and Capital within EU - lecture for Croatian Managers Association
  • Are we ready for EU? – lecture for German Chamber of Commerce
  • Anti-trust Rules and Unfair Competition – lecture for American Chamber of Commerce
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