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Balance & Freedom

Finding balance

Your needs and priorities change as you move through life. That's why professional freedom is just as important as private space.

Yes, we are a major law firm. Yes, we expect the highest professional standards, as well as commitment, team spirit and openness to change. And yes, in return you can expect freedom and flexibility.

Personal balance and satisfaction contribute just as much to the success of our law firm as the characteristics mentioned above. What’s most important to us, however, is that you remain an indispensable part of our team for as long as possible – a team supported as much by your professional expertise as by your enjoyment of the work.

When we talk about professional freedom, it is not only a question of flexible time management, but also of working on your own responsibility and leeway with regard to your preferred specialist areas, further training and the time necessary to prepare for your next career step.

Many of our employees turn out to be first-rate amateur sportspeople, have artistic talent or harbour a passion for some other hobby. This is not only exciting, but also enriching. After all, different personalities make up a powerful team.