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Distribution and Franchising

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To keep your distribution or franchising system both efficient and sound, somebody has to keep an eye on the legal framework conditions at all times. Only then can your product or service be commercially successful on the market in the long run. Numerous Macedonian and international producers and sales companies choose us as their trusted partner because of our experience in all aspects of national and international distribution and franchising law as well as our extensive know-how in related practice fields. We advise you on all questions related to e-commerce, antitrust law, competition and trademark law.

We have worked for clients in this field for many years, among them well-established distribution organisations and franchisers in Macedonia and abroad and also companies planning to restructure their distribution organisations or develop new franchise systems. The advice of our distribution and franchising law experts has also been indispensable for many newcomers seeking to gain a foothold in the market. Our legal advice extends to practically all sectors of goods and services distribution.

Our lawyers specialised in distribution and franchising law support you in this field from day one. They provide advice already when you are selecting and conceptualising a distribution system, covering the following aspects: franchised dealers, selective distribution systems, franchising including master franchising and development contracts, commercial agents’ contracts and licensing systems. They draft all contract documents and support you in contract negotiations. And it almost goes without saying that we also represent clients in disputes with competitors and contract partners in and out of court.