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Our equIP team works with carefully selected start-ups to help you grow and become a strong contender for Series A financing and subsequent financing rounds, right up to a successful exit.

Choose the equIP programme and gain CMS as an experienced partner

Poland has a vibrant start-up scene, but this is not always matched by an in-depth understanding of how to grow in international markets.  In our global equIP programme, we focus on just that.  We help guide start-ups through that process and also connect them with the investment ecosystems in other markets, be that in the UK, Germany or elsewhere.

The equIP team in Poland works with a group of carefully selected start-ups to support their growth, helping them develop into strong Series A candidates, be that in their local markets, and/or the international markets they are looking to move into or seek investment from.

The start-up roadmap and typical legal considerations:

equIP roadmap


Working together to reduce risk

Many digital business models have already passed through several stages of development before they are reviewed by legal professionals for the first time. The legal situation is often far from simple because legislation is increasingly being overtaken by technological progress. This is a familiar situation, especially when setting up companies with business activities that partly or wholly involve uncharted legal territory. Our team can help you to identify legal risks in your company right from the start, to develop practical solutions and to overcome legal obstacles when implementing the business idea, with the aim of guiding your business model to success.

You’re in the driving seat, we take care of the rest

As entrepreneurs, you have many opportunities, but you also face many challenges. You’re not alone, though. As you drive your business forward, you can draw on our experience of technology-based start-ups, venture capital funds, business angels, multinational corporations, universities and accelerators. We provide you with access to our network of innovative founders when building your business, in order to support you as effectively as possible.

Apply for equIP in Poland

As a member of our equIP programme in Poland, you benefit from a dedicated local team that is excited about working with start-ups and sees the relationship as an investment into an idea that they believe in – as well as the resources, expertise and network of a much wider global team to work with you and help you take your business to the next level. Wherever that may be.

As part of the equIP programme, you benefit from:

  • Special treatment: Sector-focused legal advice at special discounted rates.
  • Same conditions everywhere: Becoming member in one jurisdiction automatically means you can benefit from the same conditions in all participating jurisdictions.
  • Introductions to relevant industry players: Whether it be like-minded entrepreneurs or investors, we know who you should be talking to.
  • Added value: Access to meeting venues, events organised exclusively for you and an ever growing network of fellow entrepreneurs across our multiple jurisdictions.

Who qualifies?

  • Start-ups that have not yet received Series A funding.
  • Innovative companies, especially in the tech, e-commerce, media and IT sectors.


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