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The Environmental Law Practice has many years of experience in providing comprehensive advice in matters of international, European and Polish environmental protection law. The Polish Environmental Law Practice is led by Agnieszka Skorupińska, a Polish qualified advocate with eleven years of advisory experience in environmental law.

Lawyers working at the Environmental Law Practice advise clients on regulatory issues, investment projects, environmental aspects of real property transactions, mergers and acquisitions, as well as funding processes. They also successfully represent clients in administrative and court proceedings concerning environmental protection law.

Clients of the Environmental Law Practice include companies from the waste management, energy sectors, including the heat, mining, chemical, manufacturing, construction, FMCG, electronic and electrical equipment, water supply and sewerage, renewable energy sources, automotive, clothing and food sectors.

What distinguishes our Environmental Law Practice in the marketplace, besides its unique and versatile experience, is also an open mind for innovative service solutions. For instance, we like to co-operate with environmental and technical advisors, and in many cases we deliver package solutions to our clients, where environmental or technical advisors are retained as subcontractors and CMS co-ordinates the entire work (one-stop shop). We also have a very good track record of cooperation with local environmental protection authorities in various regions of Poland (this concerns, in particular, Province Marshals and Regional Environmental Protection Directors).

The Environmental Law Practice has been distinguished in Band 2 of the Chambers legal directory 2019 and in the law firm listing of the leading Polish daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

The Polish Environmental Law Practice is part of the CEE Environmental Law Practice, which covers the following other countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Ukraine. The CEE Environmental Law Practice is headed by Agnieszka Skorupińska.

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“Lawyers from the environmental team impress clients with their excellent communication skills and understanding of the needs of different stakeholders.”


“The environmental team is co-operative and efficient, as well as able to deal with a wide range of tasks.”


“Practice head Agnieszka Skorupińska stands out for her dynamism and has exceptional client service skills and an ability to transform complex law issues into understandable messages for non-experts.”



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28 May 2020
Anti-crisis Shield: the im­pact of new reg­u­la­tions on con­duct­ing busi­ness...
Leg­al status as of 16 May 2020
27 August 2020
Tail­ings Man­age­ment and New Stand­ards of Reg­u­la­tion
Tail­ings dam fail­ures have put the min­ing in­dustry in the head­lines for the wrong reas­ons in re­cent years. Dam fail­ures can have dis­astrous con­sequences in terms of loss of life and en­vir­on­ment­al dam­age...
16 April 2020
Anti-crisis Shield: the im­pact of new reg­u­la­tions on con­duct­ing busi­ness...
Leg­al status as of 3 April 2020
02 July 2020
ICAO agrees to ad­just COR­SIA baseline for CO2 emis­sions for avi­ation in...
On 30 June 2020, the Coun­cil of the In­ter­na­tion­al Civil Avi­ation Or­gan­iz­a­tion (ICAO) ad­op­ted a de­cision ad­just­ing the peri­od to be used as the baseline for meas­ur­ing the growth of CO2 emis­sions un­der...
23 January 2020
CMS ap­points new head of En­ergy and Pro­jects De­part­ment
As of 1 Janu­ary, Mar­cin Be­jm be­came the head of the En­ergy and Pro­jects De­part­ment at CMS adding this new role to the role of the head of the In­fra­struc­ture and Pro­ject Fin­ance Prac­tice. Mar­cin Be­jm takes over a team of 25 law­yers, which is the leg­al adv
11 June 2020
EU ad­justs COR­SIA baseline for CO2 emis­sions for avi­ation to 2019 only...
On 9th June 2020 the Coun­cil of the EU (the “Coun­cil”)ad­op­ted a de­cision to amend its po­s­i­tion on the peri­od to be used as the baseline for meas­ur­ing the growth of CO2 emis­sions un­der the Car­bon Off­set­ting...
6 December 2019
CMS ad­vises PFR on pur­chase of shares in a wa­ter sup­ply com­pany in Opole
CMS ad­vises PFR on pur­chase of shares in a wa­ter sup­ply com­pany in Opole. Find out more.
07 May 2020
GRESB 2020 – It’s Ques­tion Time!
GRESB has launched its 2020 Real Es­tate As­sess­ment. GRESB is the lead­ing glob­al En­vir­on­ment­al, So­cial and Gov­ernance (ESG) bench­mark for the real es­tate and in­fra­struc­ture in­dus­tries. It is a vol­un­tary...
22 August 2019
The Auto­mot­ive In­dustry Re­port 2019/20
The Auto­mot­ive sec­tor has for many years been a driv­ing force of European eco­nom­ic growth. The in­dustry provides dir­ect and in­dir­ect jobs to 13.8 mil­lion Europeans and gen­er­ated a sur­plus of €84.4 bil­lion for the European Uni­on in 2018. At the same time a
23 April 2020
COV­ID-19 Fin­an­cial sup­port for the avi­ation in­dustry and car­bon emis­sion...
Giv­en the cli­mate emer­gency de­clared by many ad­min­is­tra­tions in many parts of the world, now at a time when the avi­ation in­dustry is in crisis due to the travel re­stric­tions caused by the pan­dem­ic, ques­tions...
9 October 2017
CMS Po­land launches law com­pet­i­tion for stu­dents
CMS Po­land is in­vit­ing third, fourth and fifth year law stu­dents to take part in a law com­pet­i­tion. Par­ti­cipants have to come up with the best solu­tion to a leg­al prob­lem con­cern­ing la­bour law.
21 April 2020
Far-reach­ing pro­pos­als for a more sus­tain­able fu­ture: the new Cir­cu­lar...
Pub­lished in mid March, the European Com­mis­sion’s new Cir­cu­lar Eco­nomy Ac­tion Plan (the “Plan”) aims to ac­cel­er­ate the European Uni­on’s trans­ition to­wards a cir­cu­lar eco­nomy. This is to be achieved...