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Employment & Pensions

The labour market is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Changes in the organization of companies and the evolution of digitalization and remote work on an unprecedented scale, are driving a series of related technologies that have significantly altered existing paradigms.

The challenges increase when the legal framework evolves at a different time than reality, and the task of finding solutions that reconcile cultural differences, diverging business climates, and legal frameworks is often complex.

On the other hand, we observe an increasing number of international clients with investments and residence in Portugal, who need legal assistance in matters of employment law, namely visas, residence and work permits, tax, pension and social security issues.

Whatever your opportunities or challenges may be, our dedicated team understands your needs and works to strategically define tailor-made solutions.

We can help you shape your strategy, manage risks and make the most of business opportunities in these areas:

  • Restructuring and redundancies
  • Employment litigation
  • Immigration
  • Training and Education
  • Pension Funds
  • Day-to-day advisory services
  • Legal-labor audits

We have an in-depth knowledge of how employment law applies in practice across different markets and with cross-disciplinary teams, we work to provide advice close to our clients’ needs.

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Portugal attracts many individuals and investors to its economic, legal and tax environment. As well as the quality of life offered by its exceptional


Employment conditions for administrative employees not covered by specific...
The Ordinance that regulates the working conditions of administrative employees not covered by specific collective agreements has been amended, as published today in Diário da República, increasing...
Minimum Monthly Wage in force for the Autonomous Region of Madeira
With effects as of 1st January 2024, the Minimum Monthly Wage in force for the Autonomous Region of Madeira is increased to EUR 850.00 (eight hundred and fifty euros). The Legislative Assembly of the...
Permanent Employment Contracts Financial support for companies in hiring...
Since February 2nd, 2024, the system of access to support companies in the context of hiring employees through permanent employment contracts, created and regulated by Ordinance no. 38/2022, has changed...
Amendments to the system of certification of temporary incapacity to work...
On January 18th 2024, Ordinance 11/2024 was published, amending the system of certification of temporary incapacity to work, in order to make the process less bureaucratic. The certification of temporary...
CBAM: Just over a week to comply
As the deadline for the first Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) report approaches on January 31st, it is crucial for undertakings engaged in importing relevant goods into the European Union to...
Meet The Law - Employment & Pensions Law
On December 15th 2023, it was published the decree-law amending the legal regimes of the Labour Compensation Fund (LCF) and the Labour Compensation Guarantee Fund (LCGF). As already announced when the...
Meet The Law - Employment & Pensions Law
We would like to highlight one of the measures published in Decree-Law no. 113/2023, of November 30, which establishes an incentive to return to work for long-term unemployed people (who have been receiving...
Remote Working Legislation, Laws & Regulations in Portugal
1. Is there any legislation relating to working from home in your country? The regime of teleworking is addressed in the Portuguese labour code. 2. How can working from home be implemented in a company...
Meet The Law - Employment & Pensions Law
Additional of expenses for teleworking. It was published today, with effects as of October 1st, the Ordinance setting the amount up to which additional expenses incurred by employees under a teleworking...
Whistleblower protection and reporting channels in Portugal
1. Is there a law on whistleblowing in your country? Yes. Law no. 93/2021, from 20 December which will enter into force on June 18th, 2022. 2. Does local law require private entities to establish a whis­tleblow­ing...
Dismissals and Termination of Employment in Portugal
1. Dismissal of employees 1.1 Reasons for dismissal As a general rule, under Portuguese Employment Law dismissals must be based on disciplinary reasons or on objective reasons and must be preceded by...
Meet the Law - Employment & Pensions Law
Ministerial Order no. 187/2023, of July 3rd, establishes and regulates the AVANÇAR programme, which consists of an incentive to recruit young and qualified unemployed individuals with permanent and full-time...