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The Future is Now: The New World of Work

CMS Webinar series

Past event
25 May 2021, 15:30 - 16:15 UTC +02:00

As countries continue to struggle with COVID-19 while also trying to retain at least a semblance of business as usual, the way we work has been changed extensively, in some respects potentially forever.

The degree and pace of change has differed from one country to another, depending on their legislative and practical responses to COVID-19. With this in mind, our employment law experts from around the world will share with you their views on the key issues and challenges in their jurisdictions in our New World of Work employment webinar series.

In the webinars, our panel will address any relevant legislative or policy changes that employers need to be aware of and discuss the issues arising from the new prevalence of remote working in the short and potentially also longer term, including from a health & safety perspective. They will also explore other ways in which work is evolving outside of the traditional office setting, considering technological solutions that might facilitate remote work such as e-signatures and AI, as well as the both challenges and advantages that the future of work could give rise to.  

The series covers 25 countries, and each 45-minute webinar will typically cover one country and will be conducted in English by CMS experts from the relevant jurisdiction. Those jurisdictions are listed below. Please click the country you are interested in and register.

Access to the webinars will be completely free of charge.

We will hope to see you during the series, please also feel free to share this invitation with any friends, colleagues or clients who might be interested. 

Should you have any question regarding this event, please contact us.

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The Future is Now: The new world of work

  • 25 May