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Digital Horizons

A series of reports exploring CEE's digital future

We are pleased to share with you Digital Horizons, a series of brief reports exploring CEE’s digital future.

The latest addition to our series – February 2024

Our latest addition to the Digital Horizons series examines the growth of Digital Defence following the Ukraine war, the first major conflict to feature extensive cyber-attacks. The evolution of warfare has made digital and cyber security technology ever more imperative for governments, the military, and the private sector. It has led to increased funding to deter, defend against and counteract the full spectrum of cyber threats, during conflicts and in peacetime, as well as new legislation to bolster cyber-defence - in turn, fuelling the growth of start-ups and SMEs in the sector.

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Explore the full series, offering deeper dives into the following topics:

  • Closing the gap – CEE’s digital infrastructure and business ambition
  • Data and ethics – what does the future hold for CEE?
  • Innovation vs regulation – can AI redefine CEE’s economic future?
  • Technology transforming industries in CEE – what’s next?
  • Data Centres - scaling up in CEE
  • Digital regulation: a deeper dive into the DNA of the DMA and DSA

Are you future-ready? 

Each report also includes a stress-test – some key considerations when building or reviewing your digital agenda. Test your business’ digital strategy here.

Digital Horizons Feb 24
CEE Digital Horizons: the DNA of DMA and DSA


CEE Digital horizon report - Executive Summary
CEE Digital horizon report - Digital Infrastructure
CEE Digital horizon report - Data Ethics
CEE Digital horizon report - AI
CEE Digital horizon report - Tech smart industries
CEE Digital horizon report - Stress tests


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