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Regulatory Lawyers

Regulatory provisions are constantly on the rise in numerous sectors and particularly internationally active companies have to deal with a growing number of such provisions on a daily basis. Against this backdrop, precise knowledge of the respective legal framework and advice based on such expert knowledge are essential for you to manage a successful business despite the plethora of regulatory demands. As a consequence of the crises of the past years, regulatory provisions have repeatedly been revised and some are considerably stricter today. So acting by regulatory standards is anything but unambiguous for companies.

Abiding by all legal and regulatory requirements is of utmost priority to you. Your choice of company structures and processes lays the foundation for your enterprise to be able to act according to the given rules, whereas we support you in all legal steps required – in Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe as well as in Austria.

We advise private and public businesses on optimising regulatory risk management when entering regulated markets and support our clients during authorisation procedures and infrastructure projects (e.g. regarding road construction, railway, power plants and cross-border gas pipelines). We also regularly represent our clients before administrative authorities, industry-specific regulatory authorities and courts in Austria and the EU, in particular before the Constitutional Court and the Administrative Court of Austria.

In our work in the regulatory law field, we particularly focus on public due diligence, compliance, permits, licenses, authorisations for installations, consulting on large-scale projects and contracts with market participants.

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