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Sports Lawyers

The commercialisation and professionalisation of sport has made questions of sports law increasingly more relevant. For you - as an individual athlete or an association, agency, sports company, club or media company - it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect or enforce your rights and interests without outside help.

We can draw on many years of experience in all areas of sports law: Our experts can provide competent legal advice when it comes to drafting and negotiating contracts, enforcing claims in court or marketing sports rights and developing innovative marketing concept.

Sport is big business: Many of the parties involved have conflicting interests in this area, interests which they also wish to uphold. Sports law balance these different interests and provide the legal framework in which the stakeholders can resolve their conflicts. Experts well versed in sports law, assisted by the expertise of worldwide 3,000 CMS lawyers from other practice areas, will advise you in your legal matter, ensuring you receive cross-sectoral and cross-practice support for your concern.

We support sports clubs, sports-related limited companies and individual athletes, planning and arranging sports events and also helping them to protect their rights vis a vis their contractual partners. Moreover, we advise copyright holders on the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright. We can assist you in sports rights marketing area, whether your concern is sports broadcasting contracts, the centralised marketing of sports events by associations, or sports equipment and sponsorship contracts.

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