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ILO Client Choice Awards 2018: CMS Partner Once Again Receives Award


Raško Radovanović, partner in Serbia, have received once again the ILO Client Choice Award 2018. The prize of the International Law Office’s (ILO) award programme continue the successful tradition of CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz of the past years.

CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz has been a leading law office in Austria and the CEE markets for many years. The recently presented ILO Client Choice Awards have confirmed this standing once again. CMS partner Raško Radovanović from Serbia was selected in the category “Competition & Antitrust” of this prestigious award programme for the second time in a row.

Raško Radovanović heads the competition law practice area at CMS in Belgrade, representing clients in all issues related to antitrust, merger control, investigations and compliance. In doing so, he has collaborated with leading companies from a number of sectors. He can also draw on a wealth of experience in dawn-raids and individual exemption procedures, as well as in a variety of compliance programs.

“Raško is a highly professional and client-oriented expert in the competition law market and has, both theoretical and practical knowledge based on his wide local and international experience, a good understanding of the local market, global tendencies and the newest changes within relevant regulations. He provides prompt and clear legal advice”, his clients say to ILO.

About the ILO Client Choice Award
The ILO Client Choice Awards are conferred on lawyers who stand out because of their excellent services and results, as well as the superior quality of their work. What makes the awards even more meaningful is that winners are selected based on input by clients and that an award is thus a direct reflection of client feedback. The criteria on which lawyers are rated go beyond the quality of their legal advice to include industry know-how, strategic thinking, billing transparency, effective communication, optimum documentation and project management and, not least, outstanding professional ethics.

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ILO Client Choice Awards 2018: CMS Partner Once Again Receives Award
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