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Wistrand advises the sellers in connection with Broviken’s investment in Agreat


Broviken has invested in the Agreat group, consisting of the parent company Agreat Holding Sweden AB and its subsidiaries Agreat AB and Agreat Stockholm AB. Wistrand has advised the sellers of the Agreat group, consisting of its founders, management and key employees.

Agreat offers qualified developers with expertise from different technology stacks as well as services in agile leadership and product compliance. The group was founded in 2017 and has since then experienced strong and profitable growth. The group has about 120 specialists working with customers mainly in the automotive, healthcare and life science, industrial and tech sectors.

Broviken invests in qualified service companies operated by strong entrepreneurs and management teams. Broviken is a long-term owner and invests without a time horizon. Broviken's focus is on developing companies and helping already great companies to become even better and reach their full potential.

Wistrand's team has consisted of responsible partners Peter Brandt (tax) and Vilhelm Nyström (M&A), assisted mainly by project manager and senior associateJeanette Jönsson (M&A), associate Simon Thungren (MA), associate Julia Netinder (M&A), senior associate/lawyer Justus Pettersson (tax) and paralegals Anna Johansson and Caroline Törngren.

Clearwater International has acted as financial advisor to the sellers.

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