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Shipping & Transportation

Navigating the intricacies of maritime and transport law requires specialized legal counsel to ensure optimal outcomes for both buyers and sellers in ship transactions and related agreements. At CMS Wistrand, we understand the critical importance of logistics, distribution, and transport for businesses, where significant volumes and values are at stake for cargo and freight owners, carriers, and other stakeholders.

Drawing on substantial experience in the transportation sector, we proudly represent a diverse clientele, including shipping companies, cargo and freight owners, carriers, transportation and forwarding agents, airlines, P & I clubs, and insurers. Our comprehensive advisory services cover a spectrum of legal issues in maritime, aviation, and transport law, providing guidance on contracts related to shipping, forwarding agents, and logistics.

Key areas of our advisory services include:

  • The financing of vessels and security agreements
  • Charter parties and ship leasing agreements
  • Insurance matters
  • Transport liability
  • Environmental liability
  • Registration, sale, and purchase of vessels
  • Maritime and transport-related disputes

With a focus on ensuring compliance with complex regulations, our team at CMS Wistrand is dedicated to delivering tailored legal solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients in the dynamic and critical realm of maritime and transport law. Partner with us to navigate challenges and safeguard your interests effectively.