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Coronavirus: Information for clients

Dear Clients,
Dear Business Partners,

The Turkish government has lifted restrictions concerning everyday life; however, for the safety of our employees and also our clients we prefer to continue keeping in-person meetings to a minimum at this time, until further notice.

Of course, we are still at your service at any time. You can reach your personal contact at CMS most reliably by e-mail, but you can also contact him/her by phone.

We sincerely hope that you and your families will get through these difficult times well!

Your CMS Team in Istanbul

CMS has been active in Turkey on behalf of our clients for more than two decades and opened an office in Istanbul in 2013. A team of 23 international and national lawyers focus on cross border and international transactions (M&A, private equity, capital markets and finance).

Through our association with YBK Law Firm, CMS provides our domestic and international clients with Turkish law advice across a full range of practice areas.

If you need support in Turkey, be it on large-scale cross border and international transactions, complex regulatory issues or your day-to-day operations, or to find out more about our team and practice, please give us a call.

We have a deep understanding of Turkey’s legal and business landscape and offer solutions to help our clients succeed at home and to reach out into markets across Europe and beyond. We are ready to serve you in your chosen business language: Turkish, English, German or French.

Whether you require assistance on mergers, disposals, or banking, finance or capital market transactions, or need guidance with specific practice areas, such as tax, energy, employment, competition or other regulatory issues, our lawyers can help. If you are involved in a dispute, we can support you through the various dispute resolution procedures or litigation.

CMS Turkey connects you to a network of 3,000 legal professionals across 60 offices globally.

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The Istanbul office is located in the well-known Süzer Plaza building, which is also home to the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

From the Airport

Istanbul Atatürk International Airport is located 24km from the CMS Istanbul office – the journey takes around 45 minutes in light traffic.  You can also reach our office by taking the metro from the Atatürk Airport to Taksim station and then taking a taxi from Taksim station – the whole journey should take around 60 minutes.

Istanbul Sabiha Gocken International Airport is located 50km from the CMS Istanbul office – the journey takes around 1 hour in light traffic.

Taxis are available from both airports. Airport taxis are usually identified by a bright orange colour. Regular taxis in Istanbul are usually a bright yellow or bright orange colour.

By car

We are 10 minutes away from the motorway 0-1 and the highway E5.

By train

You can reach our office from Taksim metro station by taxi in 5 minutes, and from Marmaray train station in 15 minutes.

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YBK Law Firm
Süzer Plaza
Askerocağı Caddesi No:6 Kat:15 D:1502
34367 Elmadağ/Şişli - Istanbul
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