Maria Orlyk


CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz TOV
19B Instytutska St.
01021 Kyiv
Languages Ukrainian, Russian, English

Maria Orlyk is Partner at CMS in Kyiv, which she joined since its first days in 2006. Maria Orlyk is an experienced Ukrainian attorney who holds an LL.M. degree from Wake Forest University School of Law (USA) as well as Master’s degree in International Law from Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. Her areas of specialization include Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Dispute Resolution, Competition, and Labour Law. She has ample experience of advising clients from various industries, including mining, financial services, pharmaceuticals, heavy machinery, energy, paint and coatings and others.

Maria Orlyk has been recently accepted for membership in the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC). She became the first and the only member from Ukraine in this association.

Before joining CMS Maria Orlyk worked in notable Ukrainian and international law firms and interned with Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy LLP (currently – Bryan Cave) in Washington D.C. In 2005, Maria Orlyk was a recipient of Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program funded by the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Since 2012 she has been serving on the Qualification Panel of the Disciplinary and Qualification Commission of Kyiv Regional Bar. Maria Orlyk is admitted to the Ukrainian Bar since 2007.

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Clients say: “Maria has well-established communication skills. She understands our thinking and approach, and could translate our desires into the local business environment."

Chambers Global 2014-2015


2008 - Ukrainian School of Political Studies ( and Summer University for Democracy organized by the Council of Europe, Strasbourg France
2006 - Wake Forest University School of Law, USA, LL.M. in American Law.
2004 - Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University / Institute of International Relations, Private International Law Department (Postgraduate Research Study)
2001 - Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University / Institute of International Relations, Master of International Law, English Interpreter/Translator
Specialization: Private International Law, graduated with Honors (Magna Cum Laude)
2000 - Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University / Institute of International Relations, Bachelor of International Relations and Foreign Affairs, graduated with Honors (Magna Cum Laude)

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  • The International Association of Defense Counsel
  • European Business Association
  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • UBA (Ukrainian Bar Association)
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Lectures list

Regular lecturer at the M&A Law School (Ukrainian Bar Association).

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Published on March 30th 2018 on
Rada changes rules of the game for lim­ited li­ab­il­ity...
Ukraine: New Privat­isa­tion Law Came in­to Force
On 7 March 2018, the long-awaited Law of Ukraine “On Privat­isa­tion of State-Owned and Mu­ni­cip­al Prop­erty” (the “Law”), which changes the con­cep­tu­al ap­proach to privat­isa­tion in Ukraine, came in­to force.
Lit­ig­ate. Ar­bit­rate. Re­solve.
Bro­chure Dis­pute Res­ol­u­tion
Ukraine: new law on con­sti­tu­tion­al court al­lows fil­ing of con­sti­tu­tion­al...
As the next step of the ju­di­cial re­form in Ukraine, the new Law On Con­sti­tu­tion­al Court of Ukraine (the “Law”) was ad­op­ted by the Ukrain­i­an Par­lia­ment on 13 Ju­ly 2017 and be­came ef­fect­ive on 03 Au­gust 2017.
Pro­tect­ing ideas, se­cur­ing profit
Bro­chure In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­erty
State Aid for Busi­nesses: pre­vent­ing anti-com­pet­it­ive use of state...
On 2 Au­gust 2017, the Law “On State Aid for Busi­ness En­tit­ies” (which was ad­op­ted back in Ju­ly 2014) came in­to force (the “State Aid Law”). The State Aid Law ap­plies to a wide range of busi­nesses, ex­clud­ing those re­lated to in­vest­ment in in­fra­struc­ture ob­jects.
Em­ploy­ment em­ploys us
Bro­chure Em­ploy­ment Law
The Law “On pre­vent­ing ex­cess­ive pres­sure be­ing ap­plied on busi­ness...
The Law “On pre­vent­ing ex­cess­ive pres­sure be­ing ap­plied on busi­ness by state labor and em­ploy­ment con­trol” was passed in first read­ing In or­der to in­crease the ease of do­ing busi­ness in Ukraine and re­duce the ad­min­is­trat­ive pres­sure of labor and em­ploy­ment.
Win­ning to­geth­er
Bro­chure Pub­lic Pro­cure­ment
Ukraine: Draft Law on changes to col­lect­ive bar­gain­ing agree­ments...
On 23 June 2017, a draft law in­tro­du­cing a num­ber of sub­stant­ive changes to the reg­u­la­tion of col­lect­ive bar­gain­ing agree­ments (“CBA”) was in­tro­duced to the Ukrain­i­an Par­lia­ment and is await­ing fur­ther re­view (the “Draft Law”).
For good com­merce
Bro­chure Com­mer­cial
Ukraine: Fur­ther sim­pli­fic­a­tion of em­ploy­ment and im­mig­ra­tion pro­ced­ures...
On 27 June 2017, the law re­du­cing bar­ri­ers for for­eign in­vest­ments (the “Law”) was pub­lished. The Law, among oth­er things, changes the pro­ced­ure for ob­tain­ing work and tem­por­ary res­id­ent per­mits. The prin­cip­al changes in­tro­duced by the Law are as fol­lows:.
Fair Play
Bro­chure Com­pet­i­tion Law
Pres­id­ent Ve­toes the Law on Private De­tect­ive Activ­ity in Ukraine
The Pres­id­ent of Ukraine has ve­toed the law “On Private De­tect­ive (In­vest­ig­a­tion) Activ­ity” (here­in­after the “Law”), which was aimed at leg­al­ising and reg­u­lat­ing the new field of private de­tect­ive activ­it­ies in Ukraine, which earli­er was un­reg­u­lated.
Published on 2.11.2017 in Business Ukraine
In­sights for po­ten­tial Ukraine in­vestors
Ukraine: fur­ther sim­pli­fic­a­tion of em­ploy­ment and im­mig­ra­tion pro­ced­ures...
On 23 May 2017, the Ukrain­i­an Par­lia­ment passed the law chan­ging the pro­ced­ure of ob­tain­ing work per­mits and tem­por­ary res­id­ent per­mits (the “Law”). The Law aims to es­tab­lish clear, trans­par­ent and for­eign­er-friendly work per­mit and tem­por­ary res­id­ent per­mit.
Published on 30.05.2017 on
Cor­por­ate law re­form in Ukraine: 12 months of pro­gress
Ukraine: Re­form of the State Sys­tem for the IP Pro­tec­tion in Pro­gress
On 11 May 2017, the Cab­in­et of Min­is­ters of Ukraine ad­op­ted its Res­ol­u­tion on the trans­fer of all func­tions of the State In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­erty Ser­vice (the “SIPS”) to the Min­istry of Eco­nom­ic De­vel­op­ment and Trade of Ukraine (the “Min­istry of Eco­nomy”).