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Fuelled by increased consumer demand for cutting edge products and low-cost services, you face a constant battle to offer ‘more for less’. Innovation drives growth, provided you overcome significant regulatory and commercial hurdles. Having worked on a broad range of cutting-edge technology, media and communications matters in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) over the past two decades, our market-leading specialists in the region have dealt with every risk and challenge you face in a rapidly evolving market, from IP infringement and anti-trust issues to the complex issues that arise as markets adapts to transformative technologies – big data, the cloud, e-health and the internet-of-things.  Many companies are also joining forces as they seek to meet highly capital-intensive demands for investment in technology and building networks.  Our experts in CEE, many of whom have worked in-house in leading technology, media and communications companies, have led on a significant proportion of the limited number of network sharing arrangements that are in place across Europe.  

We understand that technological convergence coupled with the rapid spread of new technologies has opened up a wealth of opportunities in your industry and you must move swiftly to capitalise on them. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to spot and pre-empt legal difficulties before they arise.  From M&A to investment and financing, from tax to licensing and product liability, from intellectual property to employment and environmental issues, from network sharing to outsourcing, our multi-disciplinary teams can help guide you towards the most commercially successful outcome.  We are actively involved in the industries in which you operate including telecommunications, technology, sourcing, sports and media, and are able to develop innovative solutions for you. Recognising the ever growing demand for and importance of data privacy, CMS has a dedicated data privacy team focusing on the full range of data privacy compliance matters, from privacy audits through to data security, transmission and management, as well as issues such as safe harbor and Big Data at both local and EU level. 

Our specialists in Technology sector in Ukraine have, for over 17 years, helped deliver industry-defining advices across the technology sector particularly been strong in IT outsourcing, data protection, and cloud technology. We use our in-depth expertise and experience to ensure our clients stay informed, stay connected and stay ahead. Our team has a strong record and is consistently highly ranked in the area of IT & Communications. Olga Belyakova, partner and CEE Co-head of the Technology, Media and Communications (TMC) is a recommended lawyer for IT and Telecommunications law by Best Lawyers 2015-2020.

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“Friends of an ef­fect­ive Di­git­al Mar­kets Act” part 2 – France, Ger­many...
In May 2021, France, Ger­many and the Neth­er­lands pub­lished a non-pa­per with pro­pos­als to im­prove the Di­git­al Mar­kets Act (DMA). In this pa­per, the three mem­ber states, which refer to them­selves as “Friends...
Ukraine to Leg­al­ise Vir­tu­al As­sets
On 8 Septem­ber 2021, the Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment ad­op­ted Law No. 3637 On Vir­tu­al As­sets (the “Law”). The Law aims to reg­u­late the cir­cu­la­tion of vir­tu­al as­sets in Ukraine; it also defines the rights...
Ukraine: The Pan­dem­ic’s Im­pact on Per­son­al Data Pro­tec­tion – What Reg­u­la­tions...
Pub­lished on ceeleg­al­mat­ters.comThe COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic has triggered sub­stan­tial so­cial changes and a seem­ingly nev­er-end­ing roller­coast­er of le­gis­lat­ive amend­ments and re-ad­op­tions. Both so­cial and le­gis­lat­ive changes oc­curred in the Em­ploy­ment Sec­tor, in­ev­it­ably in­clud­ing the sphere of Per­son­al Data Pro­tec­tion (PDP).
Data pro­tec­tion and se­cur­ity
Ex­pert leg­al ad­visers
Reg­u­la­tion of gambling tax­a­tion is un­der­way in Ukraine
On 15 Ju­ly 2021, the Ukrain­i­an Par­lia­ment passed a draft law in the first read­ing that sets the reg­u­lat­ory frame­work for tax­a­tion of gambling in Ukraine (Gambling Tax­a­tion Draft). A law provid­ing the...
Diia City di­git­al eco­nomy law passed in Ukraine
On 15 Ju­ly 2021, the Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment passed the Draft Law No. 4303 “On Stim­u­lat­ing the De­vel­op­ment of the Di­git­al Eco­nomy in Ukraine” (the “Diia.City Law”) after a second read­ing. The Diia.City...
EDPB is­sues draft Guidelines on codes of con­duct for data trans­fers
The European Data Pro­tec­tion Board (EDPB) is­sued its draft Guidelines 04/2021 on the codes of con­duct to be used as a tool for fa­cil­it­at­ing data trans­fers. These guidelines are the second in a series...
CMS ad­vises Stakelo­gic on ob­tain­ing a Ukrain­i­an B2B gambling li­cense
CMS Camer­on McK­enna Nabarro Olswang in Ky­iv has sup­por­ted Stakelo­gic through the whole pro­cess of be­com­ing one of the first ser­vice pro­viders to be ap­proved for a B2B sup­pli­er li­cense is­sued by the Com­mis­sion...
EU Na­tion­al Com­pet­i­tion Au­thor­it­ies pub­lish joint pa­per on Di­git­al Mar­kets...
The de­bate about the draft Di­git­al Mar­kets Act (DMA) – the European Com­mis­sion's flag­ship pro­ject in the di­git­al sec­tor – is in­tensi­fy­ing. In May, the self-pro­claimed "Friends of an Ef­fect­ive DMA"...
Double pat­ent­ing: leg­al fact or fic­tion? (G4/19)
The En­larged Board of Ap­peal (EBA) has this week re­leased its de­cision re­gard­ing the is­sue of double pat­ent­ing. The concept of double pat­ent­ing will be fa­mil­i­ar to those work­ing in the pat­ent field. It...
Ukraine en­acts law on in­tro­du­cing in­form­a­tion and tele­com­mu­nic­a­tion sys­tem...
On 16 June 2021, the Law of Ukraine No. 1498-IX On Amend­ments to the Crim­in­al Pro­ced­ure Code of Ukraine Con­cern­ing In­tro­duc­tion of the In­form­a­tion and Tele­com­mu­nic­a­tion Sys­tem of Pre-Tri­al In­vest­ig­a­tion...
New GDPR Code of Con­duct ap­proved for Cloud In­fra­struc­ture Ser­vice Pro­viders
The European Data Pro­tec­tion Board (EDPB) and the French Data Pro­tec­tion Au­thor­ity (CNIL) ap­proved the CISPE Data Pro­tec­tion Code of Con­duct of Cloud In­fra­struc­ture Ser­vice Pro­viders in Europe (CISPE...