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As a participant in the global banking and finance industry, you are faced with increasing financial, regulatory and political pressures. New rules on capital requirements, risk profile and investor protection pose challenges for your organisation. We have unmatched geographical coverage and more English and US qualified banking and finance partners on the ground in CEE than any other law firm. We are your first port of call whether you are planning a cross-border transaction with a multi-jurisdictional security package or loan portfolio or implementing a first-of-a-kind financing structure in your domestic market.

Whether you are a financial institution, equity house, asset manager, mutual fund, accountant, privately owned company, corporation or public entity, your business is only as good as the products and services you sell. That’s why we organise our teams along the business lines of your sector, giving us deep insight into the commercial and legal issues you face. From general corporate lending to acquisition and leveraged finance, derivatives and securitisations to real estate finance and corporate recovery, we can help you achieve the best outcome, both locally and across jurisdictions.

CMS Ukraine connects you to over 500 banking and finance lawyers in 39 countries worldwide. The team based in Kyiv has a strong reputation advising international banks on bilateral and syndicated transactions, including corporate loans, trade and commodity finance and project finance.  Our clients are both the lenders and borrowers.  

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Capital Markets
CMS advises national and international investment banks, issuers and investors on all aspects related to stock exchange and capital markets law. Finan
Restructuring, Business Transformation & Insolvency
CMS in Ukraine can help you with restructuring, insolvency and transforming your business. Whether caused by rapid technological developments, co


Real estate finance law in Ukraine
A. Mortgages Introductory note: Ukrainian real estate security instrument ‘ipoteka’ is often translated into English as ‘mortgage’. However, ipoteka should not be confused with mortgages as this...
Ukraine launches State Register of Sanctions
On 29 January 2024, the President of Ukraine by the Decree No. 36/2024, approved the Decision of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine “On Approval of the Regulation on the State Register...
Emerging Europe M&A Report 2023/2024
Despite geopolitical tensions, fears of recession and strong inflationary pressures across the EU, as well as the fiscal tightening needed to contain them, M&A in the CEE region has remained reasonably buoyant. Findings from the CMS Emer­ging Europe M&A 2023/24 report, published in cooperation with EMIS, demonstrate the resilience of the Emerging Europe deals market as activity holds firm against a backdrop of geopolitical tensions and strong inflationary pressures. Welcome to the 2023/24 edition of the Emerging Europe report.
Harmonisation of insolvency avoidance in Europe
This article continues our Law-Now series "Harmonisation of Insolvency Laws in the EU" in which we provide an overview of the articles addressing insolvency avoidance actions of the draft EU directive.As...
Tackling the misuse of crypto-assets for ML-TF purposes
As a constantly evolving sector, the crypto-assets ecosystem presents continuous challenges, particularly in terms of money laundering and terrorist financing (ML-TF) risks.To tackle the misuse of crypto-assets...
CMS advised ING-led syndicate on restructuring repayment terms for Kernel...
International law firm CMS has advised a syndicate of banks led by ING Bank N.V. on an adjustment to the loan repayment terms under the USD 450m pre-export facility for Ukraine’s Kernel Group.The adjusted...
NFTs under MiCAR – are they regulated or not?
The Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR) sets down a harmonised regulatory framework for crypto-assets. MiCAR's overarching goal is to extend regulatory oversight to those categories of cryptos...
Shortening the cycle: ESMA Call for Evidence on shortening the EU settlement...
BackgroundOn 5 October 2023, the European Securities and Markets Authority (“ESMA”) launched a Call for Evidence on the shortening of the settlement cycle in the EU (the “Call for Evid­ence”).Un­der...
Safeguarding the digital vault: custody and administration of crypto-assets...
With the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, European regulators have recognised the need to establish a comprehensive framework to ensure the sector's integrity, transparency and the...
Security interest law in Ukraine
Guarantees 1. Can an intercompany guarantee be granted? Security 4. Can a security interest be granted in the following type of asset? Perfection 8. In order to be enforceable against third parties...
Taxation of charity donations to EU public benefit organisations
The ongoing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought to the forefront the critical role that various charity organisations play in Europe in providing essential support and relief to those in need...
Trading of crypto-assets in detail
The Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR) sets down a harmonised regulatory framework for service providers known as crypto-asset service providers (CASPs), which carry out activities with crypto-assets...