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CMS Evidence

Gathering evidence during the investigation and disclosure stages of contentious matters can often be a costly and complex process. It is essential the analysis happens in a thorough and consistent way, and that critical information can be accessed quickly and efficiently. With the increasing international nature of many cases also comes the added challenge of managing reviews in multiple languages.

To simplify this process and provide a cost-effective alternative for gathering and reviewing evidence electronically, CMS has created CMS Evidence, a service that supports the hosting, forensic analysis, review and distribution of electronic and physical evidence.

CMS Evidence gives our clients and lawyers fast access to critical information and results in cost-savings of over 50% compared with the historical outsource model. As the service is part of CMS, there is no need to introduce external suppliers during the early stages of a dispute and it delivers a fully integrated team and a consistent approach to evidence gathering and analysis.

Unlike other external providers, electronic documents can be loaded straight into CMS Evidence at no data volume charge. Our specialist data managers will prepare and load the data and their competitive rates ensure minimal volume loading fees.

The tool can also manage reviews in many different languages that may be needed in international cases or investigations.

When combined with our Legal Services Unit, to provide a cost-effective review team, and CMS Collaborate, to provide the online document portal, CMS Evidence can provide superior solution for your forensic requirements.

To find out more about CMS Evidence, please contact Chris Baldwin.