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Highlights of our experience in TMC - Technology, Media & Communications in UAE

  • A Dubai-based investment company on the sale of a minority stake in a UAE based company in the telecoms sector for c.$180 million.
  • BT on its managed end-to-end networked IT services solution to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi for its new financial hub in London.
  • BP on its global project to adopt VOIP telecommunications services, including the UAE.
  • A global supplier of point of sale terminal solutions on its investment and joint venture arrangements with a supplier and software support services group in the Middle East.
  • The Omani Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Oman on the auction issue of a second mobile telecommunications licence.
  • The World Bank with regard to reform of the Lebanese telecommunications law, including drafting the new Law and Decrees in English and in French.
  • Abu Dhabi media company PJSC on its collaboration with National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine, for the production of the “Wild Arabia” series, including content license agreements and associated commercial and merchandising rights.
  • On the creation, set-up and management of a trade association to interface with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates on regulatory, compliance and policy issues.

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Technology, Media & Communications
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