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The research for this report was conducted by FTI Consulting, the independent business consultancy firm.

Office Occupiers 

Our poll gathered the opinion of 1,507 office occupiers in the Czech Republic, England & Wales, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Scotland and Singapore. 

office occupiers graph
ownership graph

Real Estate Professionals

Our industry poll, conducted in July 2020, gathered the opinions of over 246 global real estate leaders sourced by CMS, with total assets of over GBP 3 billion. The profile of this group is broken down as follows:

real estate professionals graph

Global Institutional Investors

Our poll of global institutional investors canvassed the opinions of 521 investment professionals with combined assets under management of over USD 10 trillion. 

global institutional investors graph

To find out further details about this real estate poll conducted in July 2020, please download the full report: Real Estate Reset.


Key contacts

Ciaran Carvalho
Ciaran Carvalho
Clare Thomas
Clare Thomas
Co-Head of the Real Estate Sector
T +44 20 7524 6906