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Why CMS for ESG legal advice?

Why CMS? In short, because we have the right experience, the right approach and the right ambition.

From an ethical, reputational, commercial and legal standpoint, your approach to climate action and sustainability has never been more important. In a world shifting rapidly towards a more sustainable future, we can help you identify risks and spot opportunities. Our market-leading lawyers proactively advise clients on the legal, regulatory, commercial and disputes issues arising from climate change and ESG.

Charles Currier, The Senior Partner, London

Securing a sustainable future for our clients

The firm’s international scope, sectoral focus and client base allows us to deliver a unique combination of legal and commercial insight on the complex issues arising from climate change and the increasing importance of environment, social and governance on the financial and reputational future of your business. 

While our insight helps you audit climate change risk, it also helps you focus on new opportunities and markets in this area while securing a more sustainable future for us all.

The firm’s dedicated Energy & Climate Change practice was founded on ground-breaking work designing and implementing modern energy markets and is now at the forefront of developments on energy transition, renewables and the various responses to the climate crisis. From advising on climate change strategy, new technologies, risk and disputes, to environmental regulation, Power Purchase Agreements, and real estate and infrastructure projects, we advise businesses operationally and strategically.

Regulatory horizons

A cross-practice team of regulatory specialists monitors key guidance, consultations and regulations across multiple jurisdictions to ensure an organisation is anticipating, not just responding to, the legislative landscape around climate change and sustainability. 

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