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Foreign Investor: Chinese Investors Opt for French-style Joint Venture


The article on Foreign Investors: Chinese Investors Opt for French-style Joint Venture ( Investissements étrangers : les investisseurs chinois optent pour la joint-venture à la française), has been published in the November-December 2016 issue of Fusions & Acquisitions Magazine. This article is written by Edouard Milhac, and Rémy Lefebvre, respectively partner and associate of CMS France and Nicolas Zhu, partner of CMS, China Shanghai Office.

With an amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) valued at US $ 136 billion in 2015, France is the second European country favoured by Chinese and Hong Kong investors, after the United Kingdom. This attractiveness is mainly due to the size of the French domestic market, its place within the European market and its potential for opening up to French Africa. The analysis of recent investment operations shows, that Chinese investors are now seeking more to acquire the technologies and know-how developed by French companies than to extend their sales network. Supporting this backdrop, while Chinese equity investments in French companies are increasing, the formation of French-Chinese partnerships in the form of French joint-ventures with potential cross investment appears to be the new trend.

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Portrait of Edouard Milhac
Edouard Milhac
Portrait of Nicolas Zhu
Nicolas Zhu
Rémy Lefebvre