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Integrity and transparency

Ethical considerations for the evolving AI landscape

28 May 2019

‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative forces of our time, and is bound to alter the fabric of society,’ the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence stated in its December 2018 report Draft Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI.

The report outlines the bounteous ethical questions associated with AI. While AI’s potential to alter societies and economies is indisputable, the fears and anxieties linked to it are equally forceful. At a roundtable dinner hosted by CMS in the City of London on 20 March, industry experts, think tank founders, and CMS representatives assessed the current and future AI environment, including the ethical and regulatory boundaries that could be put in place to ensure that these technologies deliver virtuous outcomes.

Amongst a number of key concerns, the roundtable experts evaluated the potential for AI to weaken solidarity and community ties, to be exploited by bad actors and whether regulation could inhibit innovation.

You can read our full report by downloading the below PDF.

Integrity and transparency 2019