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Swedish Desk

in Germany

The Swedish Desk at CMS Hasche Sigle: indispensable legal advice for German companies in Sweden

Germany is Sweden's biggest trading partner. The economic ties between the two countries are traditionally close and extensive.

Germany is the most important EU export market for Swedish companies. Conversely, the Swedish market also offers many opportunities for German businesses, with almost a fifth of all Swedish imports now coming from Germany.

Some 870 German companies operate in Sweden. The number of business investments by Swedish firms in Germany is estimated at around 700.

Facilitating business between Germany and Sweden

CMS Hasche Sigle's Swedish Desk has a long track record of successfully advising Swedish companies in the German market. Our experts also support German companies in Sweden by bringing together advice on commercial law and tax issues.

The lawyers and tax advisers on the Swedish Desk provide support for business operations in the two countries in a range of ways:

  • as a central point of contact for all legal issues arising from cross-border trade relations
  • via a tightly-knit network of German and Swedish lawyers, consultants and chambers of commerce
  • with specific expertise in sectors important to Sweden, namely life sciences, energy, engineering and IT
  • by providing a local presence that ensures rapid communication and maximum effectiveness

We cover all the bases in commercial law

The Swedish Desk is an indispensable legal adviser for firms intending to do business and make investments in Sweden and Germany. Our advice covers the topics and aspects that are particularly relevant in German-Swedish business relations.

Our service portfolio includes the following:

  • Establishing a foreign presence
    • Choice of investment strategies and forms
    • Setting up offices, joint ventures and subsidiaries
    • Support in licensing and registration procedures
  •  Corporate and M&A
    • Advice on legal form, liability issues and corporate compliance
    • Stock corporation law and group law
    • Joint ventures, transactions and due diligence
  • Distribution and commercial law
    • Review of distribution systems
    • Import and export contracts, agency and distribution agreements
    • General terms and conditions
  • Real estate, construction and environment
    • Leasing, acquisition and transfer of office and production properties
    • Leases, architect and construction contracts
    • Approval procedures and environmental law
  • Tax
    • Advice on tax law
    • Tax optimisation of investments and transactions
  • Employment
    • Posting agreements, individual and collective employment law
    • Reorganisation and job losses
    • Employment law-related disputes
  • Technology and intellectual property rights
    • Research, development, IT and multimedia agreements
    • Trademark, patent and knowledge licensing agreements
    • Intellectual property rights
  • Litigation and arbitration
    • Litigation
    • Alternative dispute resolution
    • Preventative advice and risk management
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