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Energy Law in SE Europe


CMS highlighted its Energy law offering in South East Europe by publishing several articles in Energy World magazine. Our energy experts in Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia described important market developments in their respective countries:

  • Marco Lacaita from CMS Tirana provided an overview of renewable energy opportunities in Albania.
  • Kostadin Sirleshtov from CMS Sofia gave a legal step-by-step plan of the potential transformation of the Galata gas production concession project into a gas storage facility. This is an important strategic project during which Bulgaria will double the gas storage facilities in the country.
  • Loredana Mihailescu from CMS Bucharest provided an overview of Romania's aspirations to become an energy hub for South Eastern Europe and the reasons behind these ambitions.
  • Đorđe Popović from CMS Belgrade outlined the changes to the renewable energy sector legislation in Serbia. He talked about the opportunities and threats for the renewable energy investors willing to enter the market.
Albania a country rich in renewables | Marco Lacaita (0.3 MB)
PDF 288.8 kB
The Galata gas storage project in Bulgaria | Kostadin Sirleshtov (0.4 MB)
PDF 411.8 kB
Romania as an energy hub in Southeastern Europe | Loredana Mihailescu (0.3 MB)
PDF 264.5 kB
New Energy Law in Serbia a new chance for renewables? | ore Popovi (0.6 MB)
PDF 607.3 kB


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Kostadin Sirleshtov
Managing Partner
Marco Lacaita
Loredana Mihailescu
Đorđe Popović
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