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ESCO - A new opportunity


Serbia is currently one of the countries in the CEE region with the lowest rates of energy efficiency. Prospective savings in energy could result in a significant reduction of public expenditure, stabilisation of the overall energy supply and further development of the energy sector, thus fostering development of the entire economy to a noteworthy extent.

The Law on Efficient Use of Energy (“EE Law”), the first coherent and wideranging piece of legislation regulating the area of energy efficiency in Serbia, was adopted in 2013 but has practically become applicable only in May 2015, as only then was the most important by-law setting out the model agreements between the public and private partners in energy efficiency projects adopted.

The EE Law, for the first time in Serbia, explicitly defines the energy services company (“ESCO”) and sets out the rules for energy performance contracting generally in line with the EU acquis, aiming at providing the overall legal framework for energy efficiency arrangements.

ESCO - A new opportunity
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Đorđe Popović