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Your introduction to CMS

February 2018

When we set out to create CMS in 1999, our three guiding principles were: stay close to our clients’ long-term goals and specific business challenges; recruit lawyers who really care about results; and keep up with all the changes and developments in the industries we serve and the countries we work in.

Today, these three principles still hold good for CMS. The only difference is that we are now much larger, generating over $1bn in annual revenues and ranked as one of the world’s top twenty law firms. We spent time recently thinking again about what our approach means so we keep to the course that’s been successful for our clients and for us. We wanted to seal this in a phrase that sums up ours and our clients’ stories.

‘Future Facing’ means we put our clients’ worlds first. We invest in being experts in their industries and we see the world as an open marketplace in which we act to make success for others.

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Your introduction to CMS
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