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CMS Funds Global Brochure

The world in which the international funds industry operates is changing at unprecedented speed. The economic consequences of Covid-19 present a massive challenge to some funds and an opportunity to others. Concerns about the environment, sustainability and governance are changing the way many funds work, as well as influencing their investment decisions. Technologies such as asset tokenisation, blockchain, fintech and artificial intelligence have huge disruptive potential, as do innovative alternative indirect investment vehicles and alternative asset classes. And, inevitably, the regulatory and tax environment for funds continues to evolve.

Players in the industry need to adapt to succeed. And whether you are launching, operating, lending to or investing in a fund or an alternative indirect investment vehicle, you need lawyers who have got your back, and who understand not only your business and your requirements but also the funds landscape and its markets – established and emerging, global and local.

CMS can give you direct access to cutting-edge knowledge and insights into the latest trends in fund terms, tax, regulation and markets. Whether you need strategic or transactional advice, whether you are fundraising or investing, whether you are operating domestically or internationally, we can deliver effective, bespoke solutions to meet your needs. With clear, commercial and pragmatic advice, we can help you navigate every challenge of the funds environment – old and new alike – to manage your risk and seize your opportunities.

CMS Funds Global Brochure - 2023
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