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Welcome to our Artificial Intelligence CMS Insights section for Slovakia, which provides some hot topics from CMS about artificial intelligence

AI opportunities and risks

Artificial Intelligence provides opportunities in all areas of human activity, but at the same time poses risks for companies, governments and society as a whole. These opportunities and legal risks present a wide range of ethical, legal and regulatory challenges. The speed and nature of the response to these challenges, will have an impact on the success of AI in increasing prosperity whilst balancing human well-being and economic growth

CMS - the first choice for all legal services related to AI and technology in Slovakia

CMS in Slovakia advises companies about the benefits of new technology whilst limiting the possible legal risks. CMS as a future facing law firm is regarded by many companies as their first choice for all legal services within CEE related to AI and legal technology advice.

To find out more about our expertise in Technology, Media & Communications in Slovakia and how we can help please visit our dedicated section TMC - Technology, Media & Communications.


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