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Antitrust, Competition & Trade Law Firm in Slovakia

We cover every area of Antitrust, Competition and Trade law – Internationally and in the Slovakian market

The CMS Antitrust, Competition and Trade (ACT) group is one of the largest specialist competition and trade teams in the world. More than 225 CMS professionals advise clients in over 40 countries on all ACT matters. 

Due to our size and wide reach, we are able to deal with all ACT matters regardless of their location. Where appropriate, we work with long-standing contacts from our wider network of law firms anywhere in the world.

We are specialists in the full range of antitrust, competition and trade matters. In the last three years alone, we have advised clients in more than 750 competition and trade-related proceedings. We have specialist sub-groups that specializing in particular areas within the broader competition and trade area, e.g. state aid and foreign direct investment/foreign investment control. We are also known as experts in various sectors of the economy. Our renowned sector specialisation encompasses automotive, consumer products/FMCG, construction, digital economy, energy/oil & gas, life sciences, telecommunications/media and transport to name but a few.

Our clients include many very large multinational companies that often use our team as their ACT law firm for the entire region (e.g. in Europe) as well as public authorities at all levels and a large number of medium-sized companies. 
We use the most up-to-date technical and AI tools to support our business.  

Every year we organise a renowned conference on EU competition law, which has become part of the Brussels calendar.  We regularly publish updates on European and international competition and trade case law as part of our Law Now service. Our monthly webinars on EU law feature our in-house lawyers from around the world. Our group is governed not only by a steering committee of partners, but also by an active group of attorneys who serve our clients through innovation.

We cover all areas and matters of antitrust, competition and commercial law, in particular, we advise on: 

  • concentrations, notification of concentrations to the Slovak Antimonopoly Office
  • competition aspects of commercial contracts
  • protection against unfair competition practices 
  • internal checks on compliance with EU and Slovak competition rules
  • state aid 

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glas metal construction
Abuse of dominant position and economic dependence
The competitive behaviour of companies with strong market positions is increasingly subject to scrutiny and can lead to unwanted regulatory interventi
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Commercial law and sanctions
Our multi-jurisdictional team helps clients navigate the rapidly changing complex export control requirements, trade sanctions and embargo rules at EU
We provide day-to-day advice on all competition law issues to help clients avoid any competition law conflicts. We work closely with our CMS Complianc
Control of foreign subsidies
The EU intends to extend state aid control to business support provided by non-EU governments. This new area of law is expected to enter into force so
digital blue
Digital markets
CMS is widely recognised as a leader in providing legal advice to clients in the digital and technology marketplace. We help companies avoid regulator
Foreign investment screening
Our extensive presence with CMS offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, combined with a very broad network of long-standing contacts in all
EU flags
General EU law, free movement of goods, services and capital
With our highly specialised expertise in general European law, based mainly in Brussels, we help companies protect their commercial interests in all E
Horizontal agreements
Our specialists’ expertise covers the whole range of horizontal cooperation or coordination between companies (joint ventures, specialisation, j
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Merger Control
We advise clients on merger control requirements and represent them in merger control proceedings. In the M&A process, we notify transactions to t
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Private enforcement
The CMS team represents plaintiffs and defendants in all private competition law cases. Our extensive experience in many cases gives clients the confi
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With our in-depth expertise in sector-specific competition law, we help clients verify that conduct and market behaviour is fully compliant with the l
Competition and Cartel Investigation
Slovakia: Competition and cartel investigations
We represent our clients in cartel and other regulatory authority investigations. We defend their interests in subsequent or separate court proceeding
State aid and EU subsidies
We advise public authorities as well as private and public companies on all aspects of state aid rules within the EU and in all countries that have al
Unfair trading
Unfair Trade Practices (UTP)
We are at the forefront of advising clients on unfair trading practices. Whether assessing contracts and commercial practices or dealing with complain
Vertical agreements
We provide clients with confidence in their relationships with suppliers, vendors and customers, both online and offline. By reviewing their distribut


At CEEntre Stage | Understanding the FDI legal lands
At CEEntre Stage 
CMS RRH Competition team made their mark at the international competition...
Last week (9 and 10 May 2024), our team represented CMS RRH Competition practice at the “Meet to Compete Competition Law and Policy Conference – Tools for New Rules” held in Opatija, Croatia. Dieter Zandler from CMS Austria, Marija Zrno Prošić, Dina Čeliković and Filip Bjelinski from Croatia, Srđan Janković and Maja Živanović (Serbia, Montenegro & North Macedonia), and Robert Kordić and Gašper Hajdu from Slovenia, together spent two wonderful days in interactive discussions with representatives of competition authorities, judges, attorneys, in-house lawyers, and other legal practitioners from all over the Europe. During the first day of the conference, discussions centered on topics including concentrations and FSR, the implications of the "effects-based approach," and recent developments in the Central and Southeast Europe (CEE & SEE) region. The team spent their first conference day pleasantly networking at the coffee break powered by CMS and in the evening at the cocktail and dinner with conference attendees. The second day of the conference was all about workshops covering topics such as exclusionary abuses of dominance, horizontal agreements and disagreements, RPM, etc. Our Marija Zrno Prošić led a focused workshop on the most common vertical restraints, using practical examples from the field and engaging with the audience through survey questions to enhance interaction and understanding. The audience reactions were very positive and discussions continued after the workshop. Overall, we were happy to have our close-nit competition team at this conference, as such events with regional outreach are crucial in fostering collaboration, enhance understanding of regulatory nuances, and promote best practices across different jurisdictions. About the Conference The Conference traditionally offers a platform for discussion about recent antitrust developments, with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and South-East Europe (SEE). The Conference is supported by the Croatian Competition Agency, universities and local organizations, with great speakers from the OECD, European Commission, universities, industry and regulators from the entire region and Europe.  
After EU Commission's first decision on Carbon Contracts for Difference,...
The European Commission approved the first Carbon Contracts for Difference (CCfD) scheme under the new Guidelines on State aid for climate, environmental protection and energy 2022 (CEEAG).Fol­low­ing the...
Practical guidance on how to assess the existence of aid for risk financing...
On 26 January 2024, the Commission adopted practical guidance for Member States on assessing the existence of State aid for measures aimed at facilitating access to financing for certain busi­nesses.Risk...
European Commission authorises EUR 550 million Italian hydrogen aid scheme
On 30 January 2024, the European Commission authorised an Italian hydrogen aid scheme with a budget of EUR 550 million under the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework.The Green Deal industrial planThe...
Implementation of Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework in Slovakia:...
The European Commission adopted the Temporary Crisis Framework and then the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework (TCTF) to mitigate the economic consequences caused by Russia's invasion and ongoing...
State aid: The European Commission approves an Italian aid scheme for the...
On 15 January 2024, the European Commission approved a EUR 120 mil­lion Italian aid scheme for all airlines establishing new connections between one of the three airports in Calabria, namely Tito Minniti...
State aid: Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework extended
The European Commission has adjusted the timetable for phasing out the provisions of the State aid Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework after sending Member States this proposal for partial adjustment...
State aid: The Court of Justice of the EU annuls the judgment of the General...
The European Commission's decision of 31 July 2017  On 7 April 2017, Germany notified the Commission of its plan to grant operating aid to Frankfurt-Hahn airport to cover the deficit of its operator...
In-depth investigation by the European Commission into Danish and Swedish...
In August 2020, Denmark and Sweden notified the European Commission of their plans to provide support in the form of recapitalisation measures for the airline SAS.As a result of pandemic-related travel...
Revised guidance on the application of EU State aid rules in the UK post-Brexit
On 9 June 2023, the European Commission (“EC”) adopted a revised Notice on the application of the EU State aid rules to the UK following the end of the Brexit transition period.  On the same day...
State aid: following appeals by Ryanair, the General Court of the EU annuls...
On 11 May 2023, the General Court of the EU cancelled two European Commission decisions authorizing State aid in the form of capital injections for the airlines SAS and Deutsche Lufthansa, in particular...