Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a key international business hub, is the latest addition to the worldwide CMS locations. Opened in September 2016, the Hong Kong office is the anchor point for companies from Germany and Europe (including Russia) with business interests in China and the South-East Asia/Pacific region. Equally, Chinese and Asian firms operating abroad, or intending to do so, will find the right advisors at CMS in Hong Kong. Particularly noteworthy is the role of Hong Kong as a centre for international arbitration and dispute resolution, in addition to international business transactions. Accordingly, our team in Hong Kong advises primarily on international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution and on corporate/M&A matters.

The team of experienced lawyers awaiting you in Hong Kong has been supporting clients locally in international arbitration proceedings and advising on their business operations in the region for many years. What sets our practice in Hong Kong apart is that CMS is the first major law firm with roots in civil law to become established in Hong Kong, a traditional common law jurisdiction. Chinese, European, Russian and Asian clients alike can thus all rely on CMS for insightful advice. Our services are tailored to the local requirements in Hong Kong and also to the needs of international clients by CMS lawyers who have been trained in both legal cultures.

Please do not hesitate to contact our lawyers in Hong Kong – we will be glad to answer your questions.

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The Hong Kong office is located in Central Hong Kong on Hong Kong Island. You can access the office from the main entrance located at the corner of Queen’s Road Central and Ice House Street.

From the Airport
Distance from the airport is approx 30KM. A taxi or the Airport Express is the most efficient way of reaching the office. When taking the Airport Express you will arrive at Hong Kong Station. From here you are able to get a taxi the short distance to the office. Alternatively the office is within walking distance. You will need to walk to Central Station via the underground walkway. From here take Exit G on Pedder Street. From here the office is a short walk.

When taking the MTR you will need to take the Island Line or Tsuen Wan Line to Central Station. From here take Exit G on Pedder Street. From here the office is a short walk.

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CMS Hasche Sigle, Hong Kong LLP
27/F, 8 Queen´s Road Central
Hong Kong
Hong Kong


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