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As a business operating in today’s increasingly regulated markets, it is important to manage your commercial risk while achieving your business objectives. Your success is built upon the effectiveness of your relationships with both customers and suppliers. Sector-specific contractual arrangements are key to this. You need the right legal answer in the context of the market in which you operate.

Our team in Hong Kong and Greater China handle commercial law issues, bankability reporting and contractual risk allocation, and can support you in the key areas of your operative business - sales, procurement, production and service contracts.

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02 October 2020
BRI - View from APAC
The Asia-Pa­cific re­gion (APAC) has seen ex­tens­ive Belt and Road (BRI) in­vest­ment already, and prom­ises much more.But our sur­vey of BRI par­ti­cipants in APAC re­veals un­ex­pec­ted levels of am­bi­val­ence about some as­pects of BRI pro­jects.Can these po­ten­tial dif­fi­culties be tackled in a way that will ad­dress con­cerns about is­sues such as trans­par­ency and sus­tain­ab­il­ity, and en­cour­age the great­er in­volve­ment of in­ter­na­tion­al busi­nesses that China hopes to see? And how are the un­pre­ced­en­ted prob­lems of 2020, in­clud­ing the glob­al pan­dem­ic and trade dis­putes, af­fect­ing the pro­spects of BRI?Our APAC re­port looks at is­sues in­clud­ing:Dif­fi­culties in BRI pro­jects ex­per­i­enced by APAC par­ti­cipants, and the po­ten­tial for resolv­ing these.The ef­fects of Cov­id-19 on BRI.Mit­ig­at­ing BRI risk and man­aging dis­putes.Po­ten­tial trends in the fin­an­cing of BRI pro­jects.The sec­tors at­tract­ing the most in­terest among BRI par­ti­cipants.The im­pact of BRI 2.0.
02 June 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to pay­ment term le­gis­la­tion
20 October 2020
APAC Monthly TMC Up­date  – Oc­to­ber 2020 
China Guid­ance on re­quest­ing App sys­tem ac­cess per­mis­sion by TC260 On 20 Septem­ber 2020, the Na­tion­al In­form­a­tion Se­cur­ity Stand­ard­isa­tion Tech­nic­al Com­mit­tee (TC260) pub­lished the Prac­tice Guid­ance on...
2 May 2017
CMS, Nabarro and Olswang com­plete ground­break­ing mer­ger
CMS UK, Nabarro and Olswang today an­nounce the com­ple­tion of their trans­form­a­tion­al mer­ger, cre­at­ing the 6th largest law firm glob­ally by head­count. Trad­ing as CMS, and with 70 of­fices across 39 coun­tries, the new firm blends scale with an ex­cep­tion­al dep
02 October 2020
Belt and Road Ini­ti­at­ive: the view from Asia-Pa­cific
The Asia-Pa­cific re­gion has seen ex­tens­ive Belt and Road Ini­ti­at­ive (BRI) in­vest­ment already, and prom­ises much more. BRI con­tin­ues to evolve des­pite cur­rent head­winds, in­clud­ing the glob­al pan­dem­ic and...
24 September 2020
APAC Monthly TMC Up­date  – Septem­ber 2020
China Draft pub­lished to reg­u­late com­mer­cial cryp­to­graphy The State Cryp­to­graphy Ad­min­is­tra­tion pub­lished the Draft Reg­u­la­tions on Ad­min­is­tra­tion of Com­mer­cial Cryp­to­graphy (Draft Reg­u­la­tions) and in­vited...
11 August 2020
APAC Monthly TMC Up­date – Au­gust 2020
China China pub­lishes Draft Data Se­cur­ity Law On 2 Ju­ly, China pub­lished the Draft Data Se­cur­ity Law to so­li­cit pub­lic opin­ion. Once fi­nal­ised and passed, this new law will be the first des­ig­nated data...
24 July 2020
APAC Monthly TMC Up­date  – Ju­ly 2020 
China State Coun­cil pub­lishes plan for de­vel­op­ment of the Hain­an Free Trade Port On 1 June, the State Coun­cil pub­lished the Over­all Plan for the Con­struc­tion of the Hain­an Free Trade Port. Fol­low­ing the...
14 July 2020
More con­flict­ing judg­ments from Eng­land and France: un­cer­tainty for users...
In­tro­duc­tion In a sig­ni­fic­ant case for in­ter­na­tion­al com­mer­cial ar­bit­ra­tion, on 23 June 2020, the Par­is Court of Ap­peal re­jec­ted an ap­plic­a­tion to an­nul an ICC award, find­ing that the ar­bit­ral tribunal...
23 June 2020
APAC Monthly TMC Up­date – June 2020
China Stand­ard pub­lished to guide the clas­si­fic­a­tion of cy­ber­se­cur­ity pro­tec­tion levels The long waited "GB/T 22240-2020 In­form­a­tion Se­cur­ity Tech­no­logy - Clas­si­fic­a­tion Guide for Clas­si­fied Pro­tec­tion...
17 March 2020
While doc­tors fight COV­ID-19 au­thor­it­ies battle fraud, price hikes and...
In every coun­try hit by COV­ID-19, the dis­ease linked to the Coronavir­us, com­pet­i­tion and con­sumer pro­tec­tion au­thor­it­ies have been con­fron­ted with the vir­us's im­plic­a­tions. Gov­ern­ments, au­thor­it­ies and...
03 October 2019
In­ter­im meas­ures in Main­land Chinese courts in aid of Hong Kong-seated...
On 1 Oc­to­ber 2019, the Ar­range­ment Con­cern­ing Mu­tu­al As­sist­ance in Court-ordered In­ter­im Meas­ures in Aid of Ar­bit­ral Pro­ceed­ings (the “Ar­range­ment”), con­cluded between China’s Su­preme People’s Court a...