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CMS Skills For Future Facing Teams: Enabling peak performance

Past event
07 June 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 UTC +01:00

With or without a pandemic to distract us, we all need to know how to attain and maintain a state of ‘peak performance’ for much of the working day. And since there happens to be a pandemic just now that need is heightened, and the tools available to us are different.

In this session we will learn about:

  • the neuroscience behind performing at your best
  • how to proactively manage your physical, emotional and mental energies
  • how to improve your ability to focus, prioritise and stay on top
  • the importance of establishing your own work-home boundaries.

Claire Walker, Head of Client Training, CMS and Andrew Deller,Leadership consultant, executive coach and eco house-builder, Primonovo will be hosting the webinar.

  • 07 June